Best character at counter attacks?


I’m a Honda player and you have already spot my problem, there is not Honda in his game and nobody seems similar enough.

My play style is mostly provoking my opponent with safe pokes and make him attack me so I can counter his offensive with moves with excellent hit boxes like his godlike cr lp or sumo slam or headbutt (lp,mp and ex) that ignore (high, low, both) attacks while being safe against most the cast.

I have tried some characters, but I feel like that all good defensive moves are ungodly unsafe or have awfully slow normals, like Hugo.

Who do you advice?

So far, Jack X seems the most similar with some alike moves like HHS and the body charge but I feel free when a enemy is close to me.

I think Steve is a pretty good at baiting counter hits , also Jin can achieve that pretty well .

Juri, Raven, Alisa.

umm, I never saw Juri good at countering, Her only immunity frames move is the spinning kick and was unsafe as hell in AE. It is safer in SFxT?

Which specials and normals makes those characters good at the task? Please elaborate the post.

To make the point clear, the character must inspire fear on the opponent on pressing buttons, just like MvC3´s Hulk who is the king of punishment… of course marvel is more over the top and I’m not expecting nothing close.

I will give take a look to Alisa and Steve.

Lars/Paul if you want to frame trap.

Jin if you want to be safe on everything.

Heihachi if you want to inspire fear.

Jack-X if you want to inspire hatemail.

All right, Jack X is totally in then. Also have that Honda alt costume.

I really want Paul, but since he became top tier with last patch Capcom is going to nerf him badly and is going to be overused and so a very well known match up.