Best character for a noob

So I’m kinda a noob at CVS2, I’ve had the game for a long time, but I haven’t regularly played it because I found out that it’s kinda hard to play it without a stick, and I never got very good at it…
So what is the best character for a noob? (I’m getting a stick very damn soon)

cammy blanka sagat

qft with emphasis on blanka

k-groove cammy blanka sagat


Best team for a noob would definitely be K-CBS. But if you want a really good fun scrub killer type of character I’d say learn N-Iori, random roll/RC Rekka through something > knockdown > another Rekka combo, etc.

Since I like Iori as a character, I may learn N-Iori… But first, I guess I’ll use K-CBS just to get into the game.

cammy by far

Cammy, Vega, Blanka, Sagat if you’re new to fighting games in general. C or K groove. More K though. They’ll all teach you how to space and poke. Basics. K groove just tacks on BS damage during rage which is enough by itself even if you can’t JD well.

If you’ve had past experience with other fighters, Iori’s pretty easy too. And even if you haven’t, he’s great for learning how to hit-confirm combos and learning the combo system in general. As long as you’re semi-competent.

Oh wow hahaha.

Basic? You gotta use some K-Groove : Gouki, Terry, Ken, Ryu, Iori, Kyo, … etc
Those are basics to me. Charge characters for me we meh… :\

Theyre not basic, especially GOUKI/KYO/IORI and RYU at higher lvls.

c groove too

the damage is a little harder to get, but a level 3 is a level 3

Kyo and Iori are difficult

if you have the general experience of handling shotos, you can manage ryu / akuma / ken in this game

K-CBS, you just kinda mash one button and win.

Yeah K Cammy-Blanka-Sagat will do. If you’re more comfortable with the Shotokans pick Ken for starters. C is good too.

K-Cammy,Blanka, Sagat is the best… doesn’t matter hu u anchor either… plus the ability to throw most than one level 3 super per round is crazy!! also doesn’t create bad habits like roll xx uppercut

pros still get hit by 1 of those, when people have char leads, some funky setups be working on people. And it does matter who you anchor with that team only for the sake of Cammy and Sagat, I wouldn’t anchor K-Blanka even if blanka was my best cause Cammy and Sagat can take advantage of rage way better then Blanka.

K - Cammy, Blanka, Sagat

Also a C - Vega once you learn about other buttons.

From my experience, getting into that bad habit helped me learn to get out of it, and use the roll a bit more effectively and minimally.

K is definately good for starters, but it has it’s flaws too; I’ve seen people get into a habit of just jumping in aimlessly hoping to just defend AA’s then launch attacks all the time.

I guess it’s preference then, I don’t know.

That’s true. K-groovers can get into that bad habit of just continuously jumping in and hoping to JD AA’s. I actually challenged someone like that earlier today. it was funny :rofl: