Best character portrait in any Street Fighter?

Any game is allowed, pick your favorite portrait of both guy in girl characters, ties are ok (I have one!). Portraits can be from the character select screen or winning shots or anything, dont care.

Best Guy (tie) -

CVS2 Capcom Grove Shin Akuma (left):

A3 Cody:

Best Girl (tie) -

MVC1 Chun Li and Morrigan:

Super Turbo Chun

Super Turbo Chun

Super Turbo Chun and Ken.

Alpha 2 Rose

CvS2 SNK Groove Guile

2I Akuma’s loss character portrait

Elena’s SF3 loss screen!

…Yes, I’m going to Hell.

I have to agree that Super/Super Turbo’s Chun is great. Simply beautiful. All of the portraits in those 2 games were good.

Supa Turbo Chun and majority of the portraits in that game, also MVC2 Guile.

dude, champion edition characters
ce guile = THUGGED OUT!

Genjuro’s win portrait in Samurai 3
Haohmaru win portrait in Samurai 2

Basically any portait in Samurai 2 or 3…

cvs1 snk yamazaki
a2 gen

a3 juli
a2 chun li

Since everyone is repping Super Turbo Chun, put up a picture of her.

guy: 3s Ryu
girl: ST Chun-Li

ST Ryu: the frown of destruction

I’d have to go with

Capcom Groove Vega from CVS2 Picture Icon
CVS 1- SNK Groove Mai
King of Fighters 98 King, Mai, Chizuru character Icons
Super Turbo ChunLi
King of Fighters 96 Mature hands down!!
Street Fighter 2 world warrior Bison icon (the one on the map) aka THE ANGRY BAKER!!!

I swear when I got to Bison the very first time in SF2 and I saw that character Icon I thought I was going to fight some Mad chef or angry baker and everyone I knew said the same thing
I say in terms of Females 96 Mature owns ST ChunLi for free in that department!

my fav - chun…