Best Character Select Theme


What is your favorite Character Select theme? Mines is Tekken Tag and Tekken 3.


Let’s get it on now…




Best select screen music for Tekken is in Tekken 2 by the way.





i need to make this my ringtone again




CVS 1 and Alpha 3


power instinct legends for sure.
alpha 2 gets a special mention






Ah what the hell, im bored:



Samurai Shodown 1: [media=youtube]H_DNt2LWjqw[/media] . Moody and serious.

Art of Fighting 2: [media=youtube]JbQHcFYCQ7w[/media] . Nice upbeat number with slight Capcom feel to it.

The King of Fighters '96: [media=youtube]l0DEIo72YeU[/media] . Gets you into the mood, as all good select screen music should.

Darkstalkers: [media=youtube]vBwFFTVuhPQ[/media] . Alpha Lyra gettin’ down.

Vampire Hunter: [media=youtube]2hWwC2uGv_0[/media] . Darker than the first game with a haunting feel.

But the best has to be Capcom VS SNK 1 [media=youtube]Bfs9uX01lis[/media] . Robo-voice will stay with me forever.

Edit: Good call on the Waku Waku 7 theme, pizzacat. Pretty awesome.


Christ, I forgot: [media=youtube]tixdgDWWkAw[/media]
I retract my previous post.





…in that order

(I also agree that Tekken 2 Character Select theme was good)






I don’t even play Third Strike and I like it’s character select theme best just from watching youtubes once in awhile.




cvs2 character select bgm is really good


I can’t believe I forgot Tekken 2. That theme was awesome.


Tekken 2 (Arranged Version)