Best character threads?


To help improve the Marvel vs Capcom 2 area, I’d like to ensure that it’s easy to find the “buried gold” on SRK.

For example, in the Tron section a player would look there and find the new player non-educational “trying to get Tron in my team…” thread, since the other awesome threads haven’t been touched for over a month. To defeat the vBulletin time-out, I’d like to sticky the top 2 or 3 threads per character. This ensure that they’re permanently resurrected for ease of access. :tup:

I’ll scan the various character forums as time allows and make some judgements on what the best threads are, but if you have suggestions for what Must be stickied, please let me know in this thread.



the speed up wovlie threads by mixup and eczangief.

mixups morrigan thread.

clockw0rks advanced corner game thread I resurrected a few years ago. That thread is so beastly.

the BEST anakaris thread. I know beats and the mummy player from the Philippines post a lot.

the BH thread\s.

chun li threads.

eczangiefs gief thread. Some funny stuff in there that fucking hurts!


OK, I think I stickied all of those. Thanks for the insight.


You stickied one of the right ones in the Ironman threads. but techmaster’s “Ironman in depth” thread is really good, probably better than the “gameplay questions” thread. The first post is veeery nice.


Deth-Scyanyde’s Dr. Doom guide. Very good guide for Doom players.