Best character to go solo with?


If you want to test that theory, I have paypal. :smiley:

Cere loses to back jump. She has literally no options except that air command grab, which is easily stuffed by… well pretty much anything. She needs to be buffed.


Lol no thank you, just because I’m bad doesn’t mean Cerebella is bad. I’ll play you though, just not betting anything.


Kindly GTFO and come back when you have some beef.

Well DP with LV3 x-factor is perfectly capable of killing a team of three undamaged characters. It just never happens because you need to build 5 bars with the other two first. IMO it’s probably the perfect case to draw parallel to since:

  1. The two other chars on DP’s team usually don’t cause lethal damage due to having to save for meter while a solo in skullgirls can actually start dishing out the hurt right from the start.
  2. Once transformed DP starts with no gauge. A solo in skullgirls doesn’t have access to lots of gauge from the get-go, either.
  3. The low health of DP reflects on the fact that a solo in skullgirls would likely have sustained potentially significant damage due to prior exchange.

That’s why I compare it with X-F, particularly a phoenix team setup. But yeah I do have some serious doubts on whether any character in skullgirls is capable of doing what phoenix does or if their effective play styles prove to be similar even if they are found to be viable in solo.


Anybody who’s good with a Phoenix team will usually kill at least one of your characters before Dark Phoenix even comes out. It’s rare that all 3 people are left to fight Phoenix and that’s a huge compound on top of things.

Again…Dark Phoenix has most likely killed characters before this and Dark Phoenix gets access to normals that put projectiles on the screen that make her nearly untouchable by all but like 4 of the new characters and one or 2 of the old characters. Then she gets XF2 or 3 available to her where those normals that cover up the entire screen get even faster and she gets combos that are impossible to drop that you can auto confirm from a huge distance away. It’s just not the same at all even there.

Yeah it’s just the only thing you’re getting for taking hits is the ability to eventually land a hit and kill somebody. The way the game is going you won’t need to pick a Size 1 character if you want to kill someone in one combo or combo, reset into another combo.

In general Phoenix is a Marvel 3 thing. Mike Z would not create anything like her in Skullgirls. She’s just designed to be as cheap as possible with the only downside of having low health and needing to harvest meter for her. She has no real weaknesses that are like actually interesting or intellectual in the typical fighting game sense. This is why I like Skullgirls a lot because everyone has the same health like old games so balance is forced to be made around tools and not giving a character everything with the only downside of low health or needs meter.

Solo characters are easier to compare to stuff from older games than anything that’s in Marvel 3. Marvel 3 is just another level of craziness that doesn’t really apply to this game.


Cerebella has 3 throws that grab an “in air” opponents: Air Normal Throw, Air Command Grab, Anti Air Command Grab

She’s like Potemkin 2.0 and I think I’m going to use her before I hate her.


She also has excellabella, which is unblockable on the way up, and just has a huge ass hitbox anyway. It also has significantly less startup and end lag than jumping and throwing, is untechable and leads into DEADLY corner combos. It is BUILT for taking on people up-backing. Yes, mid screen that up-backing MIGHT avoid some shit, but once you hit that corner, you will HAVE to deal with Cerebella, and the corner is where any mistake you make will be magnified due to her corner damage. (btw, I’m not talking about either teams or solos. Just general matchups).

That, and what goes up, must come down, and her command grabs have excellent range. You cant avoid everything. And all of this is assuming you have enough of a life lead to make the cerebella WANT to rush you down. The idea that you can just bunny hop your way out of confronting Cerebella just doesn’t add up.

As for the solo debate, I feel they are weaker as a whole, but not unviable. To choose a solo is similar to choosing a traditional grappler in most games. You have some gimped tools, but threaten a level of damage that cannot be ignored. And just like most traditional grapplers throughout the years, yes, they tend to be weaker compared to other options. But there’s also the variable of playstyle. Just as some people choose, and rock with low tier grapplers in fighting games, so will some choose, and rock with solos in this game. Some people play best when using solos, or want to go for dat damage.

I don’t see solos being a DOMINANT or even COMMON ratio as the game matures, but there’s way too much raw power packed into solos to ignore, and a handful of people will rock them, and tear shit up with them.


So why did Kusoru played a ft10 against Justin at Final Round and beat him 10 to 8?
Don’t talk shit you don’t know.

Edit: Also, it’s funny to see people talking as they’re already experts in this game lol, too funny I would say.


The turning your character into an old school grappler thing was the same analogy I was looking for somebody to use.


even though i wont be in on this argument… try not to forget that oldshcool grapplers are generally mid tier or lower.

with like the possible exception of og t-hawk and his option selects into 100% death "combos"
imho, solos will be viable, but barely so. i dont see them getting past mid tier in all honesty, which means that there viability will be based around the game itself and not them, themselves. ie if the game is well balanced they will be viable… barely. if the game ends up not balanced and there is an obvious top tier… i have a 95% expectancy that solos wont be up there and that the tops will make them irrelevent.

also DJ, whos your bro usiing in this game? since he likes that animu stuff it seems that hed be going in hard on this just like you.



There is no best character nor best team. This game really does depend on your skills. If you’re going to solo, then stick to whoever you like and stick with her forever. Every character has at least one tool for every situation, so you just need to be loyal to your character, do not underestimate normals or unorthodox specials as those are hidden gems. The only draw back with soloing is that you’ll have to have a really solid defense against mix-ups. If your defense is solid, the reward can be huge.


Oh yeah he’s running Filia (HK hairball)/ Cerebella (Cerecopter) / Ms.Fortune (Cat Strike)


I think a solo needs a good reversal option to make up for the lack of raw tags, dhcs to safety, reversal assists, or alpha counters. Otherwise they’ll be free to good team-based pressure. Based on that I’d say Parasoul is the best option for solo vs teams.

I’m biased, but I think Cerebella’s the best 1v1.


Handjelina Jolie



It’s a little too early imo to be looking for a character best to go solo with. We don’t even know who the best character in the game is yet and by how much they will be.Your best bet at this point would be trying to make the character you like the most the best and learning the system and your opponents very fast so you can handle the incredible advantage people using teams will have against you.


I chose the “old school grappler” analogy very carefully, and I am quite aware of all the baggage the term carries. Old school grapplers generally are not high on tier lists, and neither will solo characters I feel. However, their overall playstyle built around their high health and bombastic, unblockable damage (for solobella anyway), allows specialist players to pick them up and play just as viably with (most) old school grapplers as any other character type. The people who get good with that type of character use them because that playstyle suits them best, and using a “better” character wouldnt get better results.

In alpha 2, my best character is birdie, and NO ONE is going to argue how bad he is, but using a “better” character wouldn’t make me play better than when I use him. Same with me using Q and Hugo in 3S, Hakan in sf4, Nemesis in umvc3 etc. etc. character viability is important, but a players particular play style and preferences matter more IMO, and skullgirls seems like a game that will reward those who know the system more than those who “chose the best character(s)”. But this is simply guessing on my part.


Man, bad Bellas are bad.



If you have some patience and can read fairly well she’s a monster, her dash covers a lot of distance and crosses up and her s.HP is fucking amazing and has to be the best grounded normal in the game IMO.

And the butt smash is just scary if you know how to land it consistently.


Yeah but you might as well just have Double on point with an assist so you can do faster mix ups off her dash by calling the assist first and then dashing behind so you get a just frame cross.

Even past the strategic disadvantage I just find it pretty boring to only use one character. When you know all of those other options are available just by picking even one more character it just isn’t interesting for me swinging with one character by themselves. The game is a lot like Marvel where there’s really not a whole lot to it system wise unless you add characters to your team.


Determining who is the best at the highest levels is impossible when you rarely get gentlemen fights with the popularity of Parasoul and Double assists.

Instead I’ll rank them according to low level play.

She changes form with each attack. This visual cue makes Double the best character to learn advanced moves from pro players over time.
Best variety of blockbusters. Bandwagon Rushdown comes out so fast and hits from so far away it is a great punishing tool. Catellite Lives is a great easy mode chip out win and cross up tool. Nightmare Legion is the second most damaging level 3 if you don’t connect your combo after it ends.

She’s a shoto with air dashing.
If that isn’t nub friendly I don’t know what is.

Ms Fortune
Her head gives you an assist like character. Her head is difficult

Very easy to get into. Nubs will love her double jump. She is more reliant on combos to excel than the other characters because her blockbusters are weak without teammates.

Great damage. They gave her a lot of tools and took into account input command issues that makes her the best noob friendly grappler in any game.

Flight and charge make this character ridiculous for advanced players. For low level players she isn’t an ideal choice.

In the hands of a well practiced player she’s deadly but she is very hard to use for low level players. All of her zoning tools are very advanced compared to zoners in other games. Her blockbusters are all high risk and high reward which should be avoided by players with little understanding of the risks and what it takes to make her supers payoff. Her combos are very hard to pull off.

Way too difficult to survive against assist team with a charge character like Parasoul. Low level players will get crossed up regularly and die quickly.

As the game matures she will become very hard for new players in the future to enjoy.