Best characters for 4-for-all Brawls?


Okay, with that out of the way, I’m wondering what’s people’s take on good characters to utilize for 4 player free-for-alls??

It seems a lot of the local tourneys that get run around here are going with this style and I can handle stages and items, but I’m looking for characters and strategies that would be good to utilize for these type of games.

Right now, I mostly utilize Ike for 4-for-alls since his massive sword can hit numerous characters and do lots of damage to all of them at the same time. I’m finding I have problems when in too close to them though when I need to create some space.

Anyone else have a character they use for just 4-player matches and if so, what tactics do you use?

I like Luigi because that ZA WARUDO IS NASTY!

Snake. So many explosives are flying around that somebody is bound to get hit one way or another.

I’ll vote for Luigi. His moves clear out very well, and his FS is perfect for those kinds of situations. I’m hard pressed to make other picks. Ike can do well if you can keep a bubble of space around you at all times, which is not easy. Lemme see… I’ll give a mention to Pikachu as well.

C.Falcon all day.

With a side of Ike if I feel like not thinking at all and racking up points.

Big Link is pretty good

Snake and Ganon for me. Ganon’s up-tilt, creeping on some unsuspecting brawlers is comedy. Good shit.

Ike, because you can throw out random tilts and smashes and get kills.

Wow, Luigi that good in certain situations now? Hmmm, I’ll have to play around with him. His FS does seem really good in a free-for-all though.

Now that you mention it though, I did do some free-for-alls online against random players and this one guy kept playing Luigi and won every game (except 1 in which I won with Ike).

Sounds like an idea to broaden my free-for-all gameplay.

Yeah…I think we’ve all said the best.

Ike can throw out the smashes…eventually somebody will get smacked in front of his sword and get KO’d.

Ganondorf and Falcon can throw out their punches and/or knee/heel drop and get a cheap kill.

Snake can lay down the C4 and mines and rack up the damage, no problem.

And Luigi, especially his throw, is good for G’ing enemies TFO.

Maybe an honorable mention goes to Marth.

Donkey Punch the crowd for 3 easy KOs…

Ground pound annoyance

He’s heavy…

I think Donkey should make the cut too.

Seconded, I was about to say DK as well. Honestly any of the heavier, big-damage guys shine because they don’t have to worry so much about faster opponents…sometimes.

The drawback is getting crowd-juggled from 0 to 200% by the other 3 players and sent off the side before you can even do anything. Faster characters can get out of this shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t believe only one person said Marth and no one said Fox

I don’t think marth or fox are good for 4 for alls, too much random shit going on and they can’t space properly.

I say Link fo sho, his upB can clear the room and give you space. Meta Knight, Pit, and Maybe Sheik too.

Correction: Link’s Up-B used to clear the space around you. The way it is now, its knockback is too weak to make use of until your opponents hit higher percentages.

I’ll agree on Meta Knight. He can cover himself pretty well from all directions and can clear space around him nicely.

Pit… Don’t know, need some more experience.

Sheik can’t keep people off her back the way she used to, but she can probably still hang int here in free-4-alls.


D3 is my fave.

I don’t see Marth as being THAT great for ruining a crowd. And Fox isn’t that good if he isn’t 1v1.

I really like a well timed Neutral B with Ganondorf. Pretty much kills everyone having a scrap in a close vicinity of his fist. Also sonic just for his final smash, Insane crowd control.

uh, I’m pretty sure space around you was assumed

yeah, sheik doesn’t seem AS well in 4-for-alls, but still

I don’t know where people get the idea that Marth, and especially fox are good at 4-for-alls…