Best characters for defensive players?


I’m a long-time player who really enjoys defensive power houses. I like characters that control the neutral, stuff jump-happy players, and are generally dangerous to get close to–basically I like to make the opponent hang himself trying to rush me down. I’m also looking for a character that frustrates Cammy players, as I seem to have the most trouble versus her, and my training partner mains her. To be clear, I’m not looking for a zoner like Dhalsim because once you get in on Dhalsim he’s screwed. I’m looking for a characters who make rushdowners second-guess their game plan in the first place. I’ve been maining Ryu so far, but I’m not sure that’s my best option. I need a character who is a wall of spikes.


Chun-Li is good for defence. She has good range on her normals and pretty good anti-airs. Her EX spinning bird kick also a good anti-air and good for reversals and wakeup.

You could also wait for Guile to cone out. If hes anything like previous incarnations, he will be a character with very strong defense.


im pretty much playing with alot of people until guile and rog comes out.


I think the following characters can be played defensive effectively, though not all are necessarily "defensive characters."
Chunli, Ryu, Nash, Birdie, Dhalsim, FANG.

You might be looking for a character like Chunli or Birdie.

Vega’s a little iffy, I do feel like he needs a decent offense to be effective enough to win.


Nash and chun maybe.
Nash can do pretty mutch everything in terms of style, plus you have a nice “surprise” with your v trigger.
Chun has really good normals


Nash, Birdie and Chun are really annoying in regard to strong defensive buttons.

I feel like Sim is more of a rushdown oriented character in this game, so I wouldn’t put him in that turtle category.


naah, Sim can still turtle, bit just like chun, ryu, nash, vega etc he now has a choice how he wants to play


The cast is diverse not only from character to character, but within playstyle of each character. I play vega defensively until a KD occurs and then the claw is off and I am putting my sharp fingernails in their butthole.

Sim is technically defensive, but the most successful players mostly rush down and zone with him. Same with ryu, vega, nash, etc.

I don’t think you will do well in SFV if you plan to purely play defense. This isnt SFIV after all.So chun, ryu, nash, vega, sim. These characters have strong defense but learn how to play every part of them to really control the match.


Try Fang. He has a V trigger that makes it dangerous to get close to him, one of the only relevant zoning games and good buttons/anti airs.


Lol this is an offensive game get that defence nonsense out of here.


Just because FANG is arguably the best defensive character doesnt mean he should be played like a turtle.

Dhalsim is traditionally a very defensive character but his offense and pressure are excellent too


Nash can definitely turtle. You just need to stop trying to use all his anti airs and only truly rely on ex sonic scythe. is reliable too but the rest are just weird (, cr.hp and even whilst good can get you fucked up). They will work for you 9/10 of the time but there’ll be that one time they don’t work for whatever reason and you eat 30% of your health bar for it. Air throw is a bit weird sometimes too. As soon as I decided to just block more jumpins and rely on just ex sonic scythe, my win rate got much better with him.


If you are asking, you aren’t a long time player =(.


Pfft. I literally started as a kid playing the very first SF in the late 80s, and I’ve played every one since then. But even if I hadn’t, GTFO with that elitist bullshit. I started this topic to get other players’ perspectives on the cast of this brand new game, not compare epeens with "true gamers"™.


Just revisiting this forum now that SFV is out, and I’m finding this elitist bullshit more and more in this forum. Quite sad, seems like the FGC isn’t a welcoming bunch.


We’re not all like that! Some of us are though, and proudly so. You’ve just got to take the good with the bad. The n word gets thrown around alot too. No community is perfect.


the best def player must be gief. every player respect his closeup


This is the only not Ryu option in terms of ‘the very very best’ defense I find worth considering. Chun li got good normals, Nash got good specials, but neither of these characters were /designed/ defensively. They are highly offense oriented characters. Gief on the other hand? The man is an Iron Curtain on the battlefield. Let me jump in on you! Oh wait nope sorry lariat. How about some fireballs! Nope iron body, sorry. How about I walk in like a gentlemen? Nope fuck you I’m going to jab you with my insane jab. Fine but air to air all the way right? Nope sorry I’m going to air spd your shit. Additionally he has super high damage out put. He can /afford/ to do nothing. It takes 3 throws and some jabs to take you out. He has the tools and the firepower to be patient.

Ryu on the other hand? He is much more mobile, much more reliable damage out put, better reversals, and his V-Trigger and V-Skill are /probably/ superior its a tough call. It depends what you want in a defensive character but Gief and Ryu are both good options. Once a moving wall, the other is a somewhat more flexible but hella strong defender with fantastic footsies and reversals. Ryu is much better at pressuring you than Gief imo and to me that makes him the better defensive player since he can keep you AWAY from him. Gief can threaten sure but he has fewer tools to keep you at a certain distance and his footsies are worse making it harder to keep up with certain characters.


I play a tutrtle Birdie. Works out well for me.


Does that make you a turtle dove?