Best characters to learn effective blocking/defense with?

Hey guys. I often have the occasional issue of being an offensive powerhouse (with limited success) and pick characters like evil ryu, seth, and akuma to try and dish out a lot of damage in a short time since I know I have practically no health at all once my opponent starts hitting me back. That said, when I find my offense neutralized by an opponent and they start attacking me back I’m not realy prepared defensively. I find it hard to block effectively or have a defensive mindset when I’m using offensive characters that can’t really take a punch.

So basically, I think having evil ryu as my main is a bad idea since once I get above 1000pp I get beatdown. What I’m wondering is who is a good character to use that isn’t ryu or Ken but is strong defensively and not as offensively minded. If I have a defensive character, I’ll be more prone to not be attacking all the time. I’ve read balrog is good since you charge back and are defending by default all the time but I also read Cody is good since he doesn’t shine in offense and doesn’t have wake up shoryukens but at the same time has easy bnbs. I also would like easy bnb combos since my timing isn’t that good. So if anyone can help me here that would be great. I want to become more defensively sound while still being able to have no super tight links for bnbs…are there even characters like that in this game? Any help is appreciated! Cheers!

IMO any character is going to help you learn to block/defend. It’s not an attribute designed only for certain characters, but more of a skill learned by the player through experience and practice. You could try a charge character, since you hold back/down back a lot, but if you enjoy playing rush down characters then stick with them. Just keep practicing bro.

After the next balance patch E. Honda is defense supreme and would be a solid choice.

Character with no invincible reversals. Hakan, dhalsim, fuerte.

A character can’t teach you defense. I guess if you have a character with shitty defensive options you’ll be forced to block, but there is nothing preventing you from just blocking more already. If you can’t fight the urge to make desperate moves when you should be defensive, simply picking another character isn’t going to be enough. You don’t learn to be a better defensive player passively.

This was my problem when I first started the game, until I picked up Balrog. OR, if you find you are mashing reversals and stuff on wakeup, find a good player who will bait your shit and punish you hard until you no longer do that.

I agree with this. What helped me in the beginning, and it might sound goofy, but I went into training mode, put the CPU on hard, and just tried to block everything he did; no offense from me what so ever, just defense. Another thing that helped was figuring out what you can’t block, then going into training mode, setting up the dummy to do it, and learning how to defend it.

Every character has certain tools, strengths, and weaknesses, and I think the key to learning your character is learning the best and most effective way to use all of those tools; creating an artificial scenario to limit your options isn’t going to help you in the long run. It sounds like what you need to do is add a little more discipline to your E. Ryu play, and learning to turtle with Cody and Hakan isn’t going to help that; you’ll still fall back into old habits when you go back to your main, believe me.

Just block more.

What everyone said above are right.Its all about experience,i remembered when i sucked at tech grabbing i got totally owned all the time.But after countless playing "especially online " learn when and when not too. Keep playing . Oh and if u want an easy going character try rose out,reason i"m suggesting is because her dashing are very good and you can use them for defense,VERY helpful. Always remember SF has a lot to do with experience and match ups.

is it actually possible to consistency tech throws without option selecting? you have to see it coming right no one can do that on reaction…?

Not really. The only way to up your tech percentage is to anticipate when would be a good time to throw. Constantly inputting OS techs will get you blown up by counter-hit setups.

Blocking is an art/skill that you have to learn by practice, not from a character IMO.

Also, look at Marn. Marn is an offensive beast. He never lets up. He keeps attacking you. I have hardly seen the guy block lol. Now its hard to be a Marn, but still, applying pressure all the time gets results…

But that lack of defense is why he chokes at some of the worst times. At least from what I can tell

Sorry for the delayed reply, I’ve had orientation week at university this week. Anyway…I do realize what you guys mean when you say it’s not about character…it’s about just blocking more…i get that. But what I guess I’m saying is when you have characters that aren’t just powerhouses for offensive damage…you’d be more mindful of defending because there isn’t that lust to get off that 350 damage combo at all times…I used Cody a bit before leaving home…and I was doing well since I had a BnB that was lp lp lk hurricane uppercut and since I knew it was only doing 188 damage or so…I wasn’t always thinking about attacking (especially when I was panicking while losing) because I kept in mind that hey, my BnB isn’t as lethal, there’s no need to rush to get it off…

That’s what I meant when I said with E. Ryu and Akuma and Seth…I find it hard to block. It’s not because I don’t know how to hold down back, it’s just because for me my offensive character = way too offensive mindset, especially when I’m losing. I just try to get off that big damage more than I should and it makes me play recklessly…so…yeah…it’s hard to explain…I don’t know if any of you can relate haha.

you say you use akuma, but akuma can be very good defensively. the key to a good defense, is to use your head and think. dont get impatient and just mash when you’re in trouble. dont just block forever either. think, and act when you get your chance to escape or counter. understanding the match up helps also.

one last thing. Having an offensive mindset is pointless if you’re poor at spacing, footsies, fundamentals etc… you’re not just going to score huge damage against a decent player. you have to work for it. be patient until you get your chance … then explode…