Best Chun-Li Youtube channel

Can anyone recommend a good Chun-Li youtube channel?

A bit like how SCHeartless has a Balrog only channel --> YouTube - SCHeartless’s Channel

Suggestions would be much appreciated.

YouTube - OneHandedTerror’s Channel

Not 100% chun but a lot of good chun stuff

Subscribed! Pretty cool guy. Not arrogant either, unlike DSP and Kingkindred.

Yea, and if you check out his playlists he has quite a few nice demonstrational videos for advanced techniques, not to mention his “Chun Li Live!” series which is wonderful (some of it is SF4, some SSF4).

A little bit of it is obsolete because it’s from SF4 (particularly the advanced techniques stuff) but not all of it is. I like his channel a lot.

Yeah OneHandedTerror aka GoofyhanD on here (Correct me if I’m wrong) teaches you pretty useful tricks if you’re trying to get better. I’ve been playing Chun li since vanilla, so there wasn’t much left to learn from his videos for me. I think he’s very informative though, I really recommend his videos.

I wish he would update more; it’s a good resource now, but it was gdlk when OHT was maintaining it.

I use Mag-man’s channel quite a bit too. As with OHT, a lot of stuff is Vanilla (so I’m not sure if everything would still work in Super) but imo it’s really good.

YouTube - GoldSamuraiArmor’s Channel
Playlist: YouTube - GoldSamuraiArmor’s Channel

Don’t forget about Dae

Also this is a great channel

YouTube - hubneo2’s Channel

Man, I wish I found this channel a long time ago. Wow. Great stuff here.

For gameplay, I think the most entertaining replays are Skatan Millan’s - YouTube - skatanmilla’s Channel, and Meek’s - YouTube - crowtwig’s Channel. Skatan has been playing Sakura a lot lately so he hasn’t really had any recent Chun videos but his old videos are still very good to watch. Meeks’ Chun is very relentless. I learn a lot from his videos.

Other notable Chun replay channels that haven’t been mentioned are FROG55JQN - YouTube - FROG55JQN ???, and Wii Whippet’s - YouTube - WiiWh1ppet’s Channel. Both are also very good.

hi. oht has a really good channel one of the best, as others have said.

YouTube - FallingDown80’s Channel

This is a good channel too. I was having trouble with canceling out of hazanshu and his videos helped me. the Chun-Li matchup videos here helped me a bit too.

Im posting up alot of videos myself for chun-li. check my channel out, BrolyLegs. YouTube - BrolyLegs’s Channel

YouTube - Garrettv11’s Channel Just remembered these tut vids on my favorites/playlist, thought I’d share.

you could goto necrotrophic’s channel

hes pretty good i hear

lol i didnt even know so much chun was out there.

i have a few vids on my page. nothing noteworthy, they we’re all during my free trial of xbox live so total scrub status.

LOL people bigging up their own channels as a good resource for Chun’s to learn from… Really!

Lol, gotta be in it to win it, modesty is a great quality, but sometimes there’s not so much need for it. Someday I might get a channel up and running with Street fighter material, but I’m still developing a style and learning the game, and I need a capture card, and maybe an arcade stick.

The best channels have been mentioned already, but who is DSP? I hear the abbreviation everywhere.


Err not really going to say a lot about him or his channel but there is some fun stuff on it… Also you gotta be in what to win what? I’m sure most people are like myself and don’t have a channel simply to try and get subs and view. My channel started off as a way for me and 3/4 mates to watch each others matches back and I am definitely not trying to “be someone”…

If I was I’d shout more about my uploads and not keep everyones names out of it… Also yeah get a stick, it will be tough going for the first few weeks and you’ll get worse before better, but in the long run it will be worth it :slight_smile:

On youtube my name is deamon10 the akuma section is my roomate ky and the chun is me. some pretty good matches on there if u wana see ^^