Best combo character

Does anybody else besides me thinks that Strider is the best combo character on marvel vs capcom 2?

His combos do little damage and prove useless unless they set up the trap, build a lot of meter, or are backed up by an assist. The top four are the best because a combo from them useually leads to death. I’d say mag is best.

i tink that stider dose have the best combose he mighte take little damage but if you have doom on your side there fucked.

lol scrubs sentinel can take 90% of striders life with just 12 hits.

Yeah, and that alone is better then Strider’s combos.

I really wasen’t talking about the damage when I was talking about his combos.

Actually there’s a full health combo on Strider if you put a corridor in there. No meter either. Broken flying glitch #@$%^@…