Best combos with HUGO

What are hugos bets combos/set ups? and what is his best linkable special because i cant do gigas breaker without jumping so i get countered. please help!:pleased:

You could check another thread but I’ll post some for ya anyway

your usual tick throw set-up’s like jumping d + HP, or LK are good for his Ultra Throw, to SDBB but why do that when you could get more damage from a Moonsault Press unless maybe you have Megaton Press (:confused: why would u?)
or do it as a reversal when they try for a tick throw

Cross up d + HP, crouching LK is an ok set-up for his clap combos but not the best. Good cause they must block the 2nd hit low and a low block gives u more frame advntage on the clap…I think

You could try a meaty or just a regular clap on wake-up for a possible combo

Meaty standing MP can link to SA3, I’ve seen the vid it was nasty:badboy:

one Gigas set-up you can try is UOH, right when he leabes the ground you can do the motion then do the next 360 when you land. But don’t take my word for it, it may not be very useful.

But overall to me, Hugho has no good combo set-up’s but I’m no Hugo expert

Fierce Claps -> Jab Claps -> SAIII

80% stun and decent damage.

air d.fp -> -> SAIII

Good damage there too.

hugo is not a combo character he’s has the ability to consistantly damage an opponent because of his scary wake up game… read my past post below to find out how:badboy:

i try to keep my opponent in my face… after a 360 they can roll away… so i don’t do 360s all the time… only to get em off me… i use the wallthrow and finish with a clothesline… puts em right next to… cross over game… i have so many setups

cross over splash…then, clap… if they jump the clap will hit em, u can juggle with a exclothes line… xover again!!, ex clothesline ONLY IF U KNOW 100% THEY TRY TO THROW U AFTER A CROSSUP… if crossup hits this combo takes off mad stun!!!

s.hp for overhead DAMAGE!!!

wallthrow then clothesline again CROSSUP AGAIN!!

jump for another crossup MIND GAMES!!…GIGAS!! train ur opponent to the clap they will sit there and block after the lk

partition gigas… ONE 360 DURING CROSS UP WAIT A SPLIT SEC SO THEY GET out of BLOCKstun…

Yup, like they said, Hugo ain’t about combos, even though he’s got some ^_^.
I usually just do HCB+K–>F, D, DF+K whenever I can.
BTW what’s the deal with his 360+P’s range?

punch strength determines properties of 360… jab is for range but less damage… fp is up close range with max damage… mp is in the middle decent damage with decent range… like u can do a c.jab then jab 360 for tick grab gief style… if u go for a fp 360 it will whiff.

here are some of my setups

do this if u have a chance
must be done at the end of screen

neutral grab then ex clothesline
neutral grab then megaton press

do this if u r sure if your opponent doesn’t do air counter or do supers
again this must be done at the end of the screen

neutral grab then poke with low punch then dash then do nuetral grab again
neutral grab then poke then dash qcb+low kick then qcb+low p then backbreaker low kick
neutral grab then poke then dash then 360
neutral grab then poke then dash then 720

after a successful knockdown do this mixups
before wake up
get close to the opponent then
low punch/kick whiff then 360/720
mid punch whiff then 360/720

then my favorite especially for those turtle players

UOH whiff then 360/720 (effective even for advance players) causes autoguard!

that’s it
good luck doing some damage

one of my favorite setups for gigas

on an opponents in ur face wakeup. jump forward with lk… this is a situation were u already scared ur opponent by 360n em on their wake up… they try jumpin on their wake up(especially chun’s)… the lk knocks em back down but does it lightly were they land RIGHT before u land cuz it knocks em lower than u… u can land and do a gigas because 90 percent of the time they try throwing or if they block… if they dont jump just gigas LOL:badboy:

Ah I see, but for some reason my 360+HP usually connect from a short distance away from my opponent.
BTW hoiw do u do QCB+P (x3)–>SA III? I saw it in a vid once.

it must be done while crouching in order to land qcb+p (3X) then SAIII
it is easier to land qcb+fp then qcb+lp then SAIII works even standing

what is th best controler for s.f.

Can someone confirm this…

I was playing on live last night with Hugo, and I did a combo I didn’t know existed, but I couldn’t repeat it using my controller s.

Basically, it was Hugos easiest combo I was trying to do using SA: Hammer Frenzy-
Starting with a regular Forward+throw, I jump over with a body splash, and low jab to set up for the SA cancel into hammer frenzy, but instead I did an EX clap into a hammer frenzy on accident, and the damage was much better. I couldn’t find any info on the best way to do this combo.

I know my set up for it is risky, especially against a shoryuken on wakeup.