Best Console for Fighting Games

Apologies if repost; search isn’t working for me (blank screen instead of results).

Anyways, I found this amusing.


In my opinion the Sega Dreamcast was & still is the best console for fighting games.

Sega Saturn, by and large. (lol @ video)

LoL, funny vid

Awesome vid! Very funny.

I need to pick one up. :razz:

Funny editing.

agree with above, sega is still the grandmaster of fighting game consoles.

oO Neo Geo?

It was literally made for fighting games. Just gotta get over the price hump (I still am, been wanting one for awhile).

SNK Neo-Geo AES I like!

Awesome vid, I need to get me one of thos. :rofl:


Haha, pure epic. “Grow a boat” I just broke down laughing.

best console for fighting games?

PC of course :slight_smile: