Best Console Version of CvS2

My dc version of cvs2 just died and i am debating getting it for xbox or ps2. Gameplay wise which is the best version to get? and Why?

ps2. its more like the arcade among other things. check out buktooth’s faq thread in CvS2 discussion.

yeah PS2 version is just as good as DC

XBOX Version it’s exactly the same as the DC version.

Considering roll canceling isn’t in either the Xbox or GC versions, it’s not.

not even close.

except for uglier graphics

how come I can roll cancel on XBOX?

you just think you are roll cancelling, all you are doing is doing a move at the end of your roll. With roll cancelling your character never even really rolls.

There are some who don’t like RC. Basically the better version depends on whether you like the RC Bug (anti-RC)/ Feature (pro-RC) or not…

Roll Cancelling is NOT a bug, it’s allowed in the game due to the amount of frames you’re given by the roll. Fuck, get over it already.

This nigga thinks RCing is in the XBox one AND that the XBox one is the same as the PS2/DC/Arcade? :lol:

Get over yourself Chibi. He didnt say it was a “bug”, he said opponents of RCs call it a bug while people who enjoy it call it a feature.

Bug or not, Capcom took it out for a reason… :tup:

because you’re a fucking scrub

You can roll cancel on Xbox, but the invincibility is gone.

Don’t make threads about CvS2. People suffer from chronic stupidity when it comes to that game.

Bite me Saffron, we need to get rid of the mindset already.

Roll canceling aside, there are other xbox and gc differences as well. PS2 version = dc version, with the exception of the sprites being a bit larger.



I would go with the PS2 version. I believe it to be much like the DC version, but I have a few friends who say the Xbox version is even better and that it is only a little different.

It’s a fucking glitch. It was never meant to happen.

It may have opened up the game, made it slightly less broken (oddly enough), but in the end it’s a glitch.

It’s not even about a “mindset”. AHVBxN is a glitch. Just because somethings used a lot, and is tourney worthy, doesn’t make it NOT a glitch.

Exactly. Just because it’s in the game doesn’t mean it was intended to be there. I test games, I’ve seen games lock up, not follow the normal game rules, etc. and just because those things happen don’t mean those incidents were intended to be there.

I’m not arguing against roll cancelling, but I wouldn’t shrug it off as a feature. I’m fine with it being there, personally.

And to clarify, the cancelling of the roll isn’t the bug (Could be as well actually, but judging from the fix in the xbox and gc versions, I’d doubt it), it’s the invincibility carrying over that is.