Best console version of games?

Just wondering if anyone has compiled or has a list of best arcade conversion of games for consoles? I’m particularly interested in knowing the differences in such. I’m mostly interested in Alpha 2.

Alpha 2’s port is probably the best on PC. I’m not sure on the others, but the PC version doesn’t have any animation loss and also seems to be arcade perfect.

For GGXX, the best port is the Japanese PS2 version because they made some minor changes to May and maybe someone else in the US version.

Marvel is the DC version, glitches, framerate, sound, blah blah blah.

Namco fighters has had a history of quality arcade ports that are greatly improved+expanded upon.

Best versions

Alpha 3 - Saturn
Alpha 2 - Saturn
Super Turbo - Dreamcast
Soul Calibur 2 - GC, some may say XBOX, but the graphics don’t seem to have the correct ratio.
CVS2 - Dreamcast
MVC2 - Dreamcast
GGXX# - Xbox
3S - Probably going to be Xbox and PS2 tied.

The PC version of GGXX#R is pretty good if the system it’s running on is decent (processor, ram, vid card).

I agree with the Saturn for Alpha 2 and Alpha 3.

Actually, #R PC seems to run well on just about any decent Pentium 3-based system. It runs fine on my laptop, which wasn’t top of the line even when I bought it.

Best console version of Alpha 2 is the one for Sega Saturn.

Alpha, Alpha 2, 3 -> Sega Saturn
X-Men VS Street Fighter -> Sega Saturn
Marvel VS Street Fighter -> Sega Saturn
Marvel VS Capcom 1 & 2 -> Sega Dreamcast
Soul Calibur -> -> Sega Dreamcast
Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike -> Xbox
Capcom VS SNK 2 -> Sega Dreamcast
(Gee… so many Sega console system games)
GGXX:Reloaded -> PC

What else is there? SFAE ->Xbox
Soul Calibur 2 -> Xbox
PS2 really doesn’t win anything really. Any good fighting game is out on other consoles. Same with Gamecube.

#r is better on PS2. PC version has issue for various people.

Numerous namco games are good on PS2. and VF4Evo.

Vampire Savior - Saturn
Night Warriors - Saturn (afaik)

But if you don’t mind some changes, then Vampire Chronicles (DC) isn’t too terrible.

I think the best port is the one of Tekken 3. I never thought NAMCO could do this game in a good way for the PS1. I mean the arcade game is based on system 12 but the PS1 had just like system 11 power… NAMCO also fixed some stuff and added tons of new things. Overall the best port I’ve seen so far.^^

I’m gonna have to disagree on SFA3. The fact that the Saturn version slows the hell down when you activate VC makes it ass to me. Fucks up your timing big time. I’d go PSX for best, despite the frame loss and funky hitboxes.

i have to say that xmen vs street fighter was the best port for one since it was the first game to use the 4 meg ram cart and how flawless it was with tagging and all…the first real jaw dropper port on any system…

Wrong. NKI made an excellent post about this awhile back which detailed everything wrong with this version (sprite sizes, easier super cancels, some other things). Both the PSX and Saturn versions of SF Collection are superior ports, not sure which is better.

Are there any versions that don’t have slowdown in the windmill stage or with hidden costumes? Those would be the best.

Not so sure on this, the American version of XX was messed up a little (Bridget received a minor change and May got a more important one) and #r may be the same way. I do know that the import PS2 #r is pretty much arcade perfect.



Fucking Saturn version of ST has MASSIVE slowdown, I know this because I own it. The PSX version looks better for sure though.

Also, why the fuck do they use the DC version of ST at EVO then?