Best console version of ST?

Whats the best console version of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo? I currently have Super Street Fighter 2X for dreamcast and I sometimes use Winkawaks to play it on an emulator, and i can’t tell the difference…

But Mr. Wizard told me the DC version sucks. Why’s that? And which version is supposedly better?


the best console version is the dreamcast, but its not the same as the arcade. The reason for this is because of the diffrence in speed and the hitbox/character size stuff. Some complain about the priority stuff, but i think this can changed in the dipset feature. I heard Saturn was way off and so was the 3do version.

erm what about PS2 and X-box

PS2 and Xbox dont have ST, only AE. There ps a PS1 version that is most arcade like, but it has some load times…

For ST,
(PS)Street fighter collection 2
For HF,
(PS)Street fighter collection 1

other way around, collection one has ST, Super and A2.

I think the best console version of ST is the DC version (I have ST for Saturn and its slow as HELL)

Aren’t there options in the DC version to make it exactly like the arcade?

I <3 the start button. Genesis for life.

best version of super turbo is the GBA version.

No seriously, I heard it is.

Just get a Gameboy player, and a ps2 to gamecube controller adaptor. :slight_smile:

I want to restart the dip switch project for SSF2X on DC.

There’s still 11 unknown dipswitches, and a few that have unclear meanings.

There’s a faq on that has them all listed.
It’s not the dipswitch faq though, it’s a complete faq.

That dipswitch faq is an embarrasment.

The PSX version wasn’t good, cause the dizzies were random.