Best console version of Super Turbo

Is there a decent console version of Super Turbo that lives up to arcade standards in some measure? I have street fighter collection and the anniversary collection. THe old psx street fighter collection has ssf2 and ssf2t, and I was wondering if these are anywhere near arcade perfect.

Japanese Dreamcast version is the best from what I’ve read. I’m not sure how the PSX version compares…

No the psx versions arent, the best console version of ssf2 is the ani collection on ps2 and the xbox.

Best version of ST is from DC (SSF2X)

The gamecube never got SFAC. :confused:

Anyway the DC version is the most preferred, because you can get into the DIP switches and make it exactly like the Arcade version.

Provided you have a FAQ that translates the Japanese for you, the DC version has a whole lot of options to play with.

I thought 3DO has a good version

3DO was ok. It doesn’t have the old versions of characters though. There were a couple other glitches in that game though. Like if you jumped and got hit by Balrogs super, he’d be stuck in the corner (or something like that, its been several years since I played it… as I can’t find my 3DO and copy of SSF2T lol). But pressing the “play” button for your attack was rather annoying.

worst. ever. :wow:

At the time it was the best version. As it was the first version so in that light it was also the worst. It was the first version to have all of the animations that have been always cut in the SNES and Genesis versions. Far superior music that had been ever been shown in previous ports of SF (especially if you hook up some speakers or headphones to the controller).

SSF2X nothing else

Whats the difference between ssf2 on import dreamcast and the one in the ani collection?

Apparently O.Sagat got nerfed in the PSX Anniversary Collection.

No idea about the PSX1 version.

AE is so fucked up I’m not even gonna go into detail.

The PSX version is closest to the arcade graphicswise and maybe speedwise, but the DC is the most correct when certain dipswitches are set.

I remember NKI posting that the sprite sizes were all wrong in the DC version. In a zoning game like ST I can see how that would make a HUGE difference, but I can’t really say from experience since the only version I’ve played extensively was on DC.

phew, I found that DC version but its 70 bucks. I got a boot disk to play it but that’s alot of money for that game.

I see nipples.

In terms of all SF2s, yes SF Anniversary Collection on ps2/xbox is of course the best port yet.
But… it’s Hyper SF2, not ST :confused: (And yes O.Sagat got nerfed a little, slightly more recovery on his Tigers)

Best version of ST is psx version (by psx or Saturn versions I mean Disc 1 of Street Fighter Collection).
Even Jumpsuit Jesse posted saying this a while back (since you guys will take him a lot more seriously than you’ll take me, hehe)

DC version is very good… but like all the DC capcom games the sprites a little too small. Also I found some hitboxes different, like Deejay Jackknife Maximum and some others I can’t remember.
Also aesthetically the DC version looks brighter but less colourful than arcade/psx (something else I found with all DC capcom games).

But the MOST important thing is that DC version has a LOT less slowdown than arcade/psx!! Slowdown itself might seem like a hindrance to your play, but if you’ve got the timing of certain combos down, especially with Guile Sonic Boom stuff, different timing can seem annoying!

I still haven’t messed with the dipswitches though… they might make everything better ^^

PSX version seems to have all the hitboxes intact as far as I can tell. The colours are as rich and vibrant as the arcade (again this might be due to my monitor or something like the DC outputting VGA, but of course it’s not important).
Slowdown and combos seem exactly the same as the arcade as far as I have played.

The ONLY thing that lets it down is that it takes 10 years to load!!! :mad:
(Also forget PAL version, that takes EVEN longer to load than NTSC and you have to set it to max speed just to get a half-decent Turbo 2 style speed lol)
Aside from that it’s perfect imo.
Just not viable in tournies I guess, cause of the long loading.

DC version of ST is decent still though, definitely good enough for tournies!! Better than 3s input lag and A3’s lack of vism invincibility, hit boxes being messed up ALL OVER and hella combos being different lol

Saturn version… it’s like psx version, but… well the only reason it’s not up there is cause it slows down A LOT on Cammy and Deejay stage, maybe a few other stages.

3D0 version was the only console version to come out remotely within the time frame of the arcade, therefore at the time it was proper l33t!!! I reeeeeeeeeeally wished I had a 3D0 back then!!!
Looking at it now, it doesn’t look that good compared to the newer more arcade-perfect versions, plus it’s missing old characters.

PC version was the 2nd release (in 1995), and THIS was the worst every version! The arena was so small you could barely move!
BUT the funky remixed music is really cool!! It’s worth picking up SOLELY for the cda music :slight_smile:

GBA version of ST:Revival is not to be scoffed at!
Ok you’ll notice I am slightly biased in favour of GBA, cause I’m impressed the game is still decent on a portable system.
Sure the 4 buttons suck… but aside from that and the lack of old characters it’s a great conversion!!
The graphics are very impressive for a handheld, much better than most other handheld fighters I’ve seen… anyone remember SF2 for the original GBA???
But more importantly the hitboxes look ok, and almost every combo works in GBA version!!!
Of course stuff like medium hundred hand slap and medium lightning kick won’t work :lol:
But pretty much every combo I’ve ever been able to do (which is most of them except the ultra-l33t TZW stuff) still works on GBA, surprisingly!! :slight_smile:
Whether you can take ST seriously using a joypad (ugh) and only 4 buttons (ewww!),(and making do without old Sagat/Ken/Ryu) is up to you, but it’s as fun to me when going out as GBA Bomberman and Mario Kart!! (multiplayer link-up of course, I don’t like single player).
It is a bit confusing that the new characters have the old costumes though… almost sacrilige!
The new GBA stages are really cool though!! After seeing them I hardly miss the old stages at all, hehe
I’m not too keen on the new exaggerated A3 style super-freeze flashes though… the old ST effects were fine for me.

Oh yeah, psx version sucks cause it has by FAR the easiest AI!! lol
In terms of useless AI difficulty, it’s like this
ST arcade World > ST arcade USA >>> ST arcade Japan > DC ST >>> GBA ST >>> PC ST >>>>>>>>> psx ST
Not sure about Saturn and 3D0 versions since I don’t own them and haven’t seen/played them that much, but they appear to be harder than psx but definitely easier than GBA (GBA version AI is no joke, just not as hard as DC version).

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

3DO’s AI was a tad tougher than SNES SSF2 on LV6. If that helps in any way. Though til I figured out Akuma’s patern he was a bitch. Hell he still was a bitch lol.

so whats the whole “matching service” bit about? i always heard DC was suppose to be the best but i guess not…?