Best console version of Super Turbo

If you hold select or start when picking what game you want your character from you get the true arcade version. For ST it reinables the charge glitch, for SSF2 it gives the true ST old versions of characters that were changed(like Sagat). If you do that with hyper fighting and don’t pick any other games you’ve basically got arcade perfect ST.

Yeah I’m a bit surprised NKI hasn’t come in here and flipped his shit yet, but it will come. NKI had some screenshots showing the sprite size changes from arcade to DC, let’s just say it’s a huge difference. Your best bet is definitely the psx version as well it’s the most accurate I suppose you could say. Yeah it blows ass that it takes a long time to load. As far as I know SFAC is NOT the best version as st vega(claw) down charge got totally fucked.


I’ve always wondered why they never released this for the snes.

Because (to the average player) it’s not really that different from Super, I’d imagine. Plus, that would make -4- separate SF2 releases for the SNES. It would end up costing them more than they would get back, I would think.

IIRC, by the time Super was released for SNES, Super Turbo was already in the arcades. One wonders why they didn’t just skip Super and release Super Turbo for the SNES…

i imagine that people get frustrated and lose faith in a company that releases rehashes of games over and over again. im not talking about the hardcore players that would get excited about the subtle differences but just the common player.

the rom on a modded xbox.

thanks everyone for all the info

[quote=DC version is very good… but like all the DC capcom games the sprites a little too small. Also I found some hitboxes different, like Deejay Jackknife Maximum and some others I can’t remember.
Also aesthetically the DC version looks brighter but less colourful than arcade/psx (something else I found with all DC capcom games).


Hey, I swear I have always noticed that detail in Capcom fighting games for DC too!! the smaller sprites but specially the less colorful aspect, and no it isnt your TV config, I have diferent versions of games on diferent consoles on one TV but the diference in colors with the DC are so obvious that I don’t need to compare side by side.

and continuing with the real topic, my fav version of Super Turbo is the one containded on AE ps2/Xbox, since psx loadings are eternal and DC version looks kinda pale in colors, for the record…I downloaded and burned the DC version from somwhere and luckly it was selfboot…I wasn’t willing to pay 70 bucks!! but aside of it, I always buy my Capcom fighting games in their original form :cool:

You forgot the CD32 version. It came out around the same time as the 3DO and PC versions, it played like the 3DO, but has the same remixed CD music from the PC version. Of course, it’s not as good as the PlayStation version, but it was a lot of fun for years before the PSX version came out.

Because SSFII tanked HARD for the SNES and Genesis. Capcom overestimated consumer demand for that game so bad, there are probably still warehouses full of carts somewhere. At that point, I’m sure Capcom realized they were burning out their fans with console SFII games, and decided to lay low with the series for a bit (just a bit though).

BW, after recently going back and playing the PSX collections, they really are good conversions, SFC2 (WW, CE, HF) is so great it’s not even funny. Turn on fast loading on your PS2 and load times are down to 4-5 seconds. Not too shabby.

It’s true. I think the PSX version of ST is the closest to being perfect. The DC versions is not very good IMO.

The best SF port EVER is the SF Collection 2 with World Warrior, CE and HF…also has a special mode where you can play it like AE.

Do you guys think that ST could have been made well for the SNES seeing how SSF2 was a pretty good pord for a 16 bit machine?

I’m not sure. Not a whole lot was actually added from Super to Super Turbo (gameplay changes like move priorites and recover times wouldn’t be too much of an issue, I think). Biggest strain in terms of cartridge space and processor load would probably be the Supers and new moves, many of which require new sounds and sprites, and Akuma, who has a bunch of new sprites. Super was one of the most complex carts made for the system, so it was pretty close to taking the SNES to its limits… not sure if they would have been able to squeeze in what would have been needed for Super Turbo.

They released alph 2 for the snes, cant see why they couldnt release a near perfect ST conversion.



Yep the ST version is true for Honda (ochio throw), Chun Li (walking Super) and Vega (transferring the db charge to B for the flipkick).
But everyone keeps saying O.Sagat fireballs still take slightly longer to recover in AE, even if you hold start :confused:
Haven’t tested much O.Sagat myself yet though.

Apart from charging, there are other minute differences. As well as Vega down charge, I’ve noticed (thanks to Damien and Zazza) that a lot of crossups (esp Bison’s) need to be blocked the other way from how they used to be in ST (hold forward now).
I’m sure there’s a lot of other AE differences I don’t even know about, lol

As for SNES ST, I’m completely sure they could have squeezed in the extra couple of moves/animations in for each character… that’s nothing compared to what SSF2 already had!

I do think SSF2 and ST are too close to each other to warrant a separate release though, especially after all the preceding SF2 clones lol
In fact myself most SF fans I know were hoping they would delay the release and skip SSF2 in favour of the new ST version!! (which was released in arcades only 4 months after SSF2 iirc), kinda like how they skipped CE and went straight to HF for SNES and Mega Drive :slight_smile:

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

Kawax doesn’t play too well with two players; on mine (v1.0, not v1.1. I want to be able to exit the rom without an analog stick) it gets rather random and can crash or exit without warning. FBA-XXX is much more solid when two people are playing, but there feels like there is input lag of a couple of frames; I’m assuming the emulator uses doublebuffering of the video, and the developers refuse to put in an option to disable it (I’ve asked).

If you have something that plays cps2 games well without any input lag, please mention which one and which version, because I’d love to have it flawless on my xbox.

What version of ST was used for the Evo 2004 tourney? I noticed they are using the psx version for evo this year. That’s great because I really did not want to spend the money for the DC version.

Last year they used the DC version for Evo2k4.

I saw some DC vids and the characters do look smaller, bit it could be my imagination. I have played the japanese and world roms and they look remarkably like the psx version. With my newer slim ps2 with fast disc speed the load times are not bad at all. But the comment about the A.I. is dead on, as that version is way too easy to beat, even on the hardest settings. The second collection is excellent as well.

While we’re on the topic - could someone please tell me how to select the classic SSF2 characters in SSF2T? I heard that each character has a combination of stick movements + button presses that have to be entered to play him. If that is so, could someone write it here, or post a link to the relevant topic?

Yes - i HAVE tried the “search” option, and NO - i couldn’t find it myself