Best controller for Smash?

I’m a SF/KOF player who is increasingly becoming interested in Smash…I have played it a few times with the girlfriend, and have no idea what I’m doing, but I’ve recently become interested in getting a bit more in depth into the game and learning more about it rather than randomly mashing buttons…the Sirlin videos opened my eyes to a lot, and made me decide that this game is worth exploring!

When I played the game with my gf, I used the wiimote to play…but actually I would like to know what controller is considered the best for the game? gamecube? wiimote? wii classic? a stick of some kind?

Gamecube or classic controller is usually the best route…

I use a GCN controller. Coming from Melee, I had to get used to pushing the L/R buttons all the way down when blocking.

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At first I used the Gamecube controller and now I use the Classic.

Wired Gamecube controller, it has better triggers for dashing. Also a great throw button place. Dont use wireless though, they cause lag.

The gamecube controller is the most effective and convenient.

I mostly use a Wired GC controller or Wavebird anymore.

I’ve noticed that the CC/Wiimote options have some weird issues where it’ll read a ‘hold’ input as a series of rapid presses sometimes as it has trouble maintaining a constant connection. The Wavebird, oddly, never seems to have that issue, and of course the wired GC control is completely not at risk for it.

i’ve only used the WIImote and chuck as my GC controllers have been pretty much demolished from when SSBM was the only game to ever grace my GCN. is the classic controller really that much better than the WIImote+Chuck combination?

isn’t the GC controller the only one allowed for tournament play?..i use that one anyway

Coming from SF myself, I found the Gamecube and Classic Controller best, simply because just like in SF and KOF, wireless controllers can lag.


i felt some pretty bad lag from wireless controls before. let me say this though, the logitech wireless for the original xbox was awesome. i hate no trouble with combos and canceling on SF when i played with that pad.

i guess i’ll go find myself a class controller to see if i can improve my Brawl game.

The lag on the wavebird wireless is less than 1/60 of a second, which isn’t that bad for brawl it is a bit slower than melee, heck any high def Tv lags far more than that.

Just play with whatever feels comfortable, most good players use the GC controller because they came from melee, but all the controllers are fine just use what you want to. I would suggest against wii-mote by it self though, loss of the ablitiy to turn off tap jumping quite bad for some characters.

This indeed will occur, however only if you have an old part thats breaking down, it will flash green insanely fast, the problem is that when I first said something none believed me because I was foxtrotting as a result (run animation going but walking). But eventually It got worse, I replaced it with another receiver , Ill probably get a plug in one again eventually.

gamecube controllers, take the springs out of the L/R buttons

So true. I used wireless and god it lagged!!!

The Gamecube controller is the best in my opinion. The spacing of the buttons on the classic controller isn’t ideal for Smash; and the wii-mote and nunchuk is lacking a C-stick which is a vital part in competitive play, especially if you play Diddy Kong. Why the Wii-mote by itself isnt good doesn’t need explaining. Also, modding the shoulder buttons isn’t allowed in tourneys.

Gamecube controller. No debate, just accept it. If you’re comfortable w/ something else, that’s good. Gamecube is still overall best.

I don’t play brawl, but I guess if I had too I would use me GC controller.

i love to use a GC controller

Wired Gamecube controller all the way.