Best Crossover Counter

quick questions:

  1. can you OS with b+H+A1 (or maybe b+H~A1)? that should either give you a throw or a crossover counter?

  2. what is the best one?

  1. I don’t think so. For a crossover counter you have to be in block-stun, and afaik you can’t throw while you’re in that state. Never tried it though, so I’m not certain.

  2. Probably Jill’s somersault. Fully invincible, jump-cancelable so it’s safe, leads to full combo which can lead to 2 dead characters off of one good call. I believe X-23’s Crescent Scythe is similar, but I’ve never tried it. It’s cancelable into Talon Dive, which should make it reasonably safe. There are other CCs that are invincible, but a lot of them would require spending another bar for a super cancel to avoid getting punished.

The Brady guide lists all the counters with invincible startup, so I’d go through that list and see which ones allow for a full combo afterward without additional investment (meter/XFC).

  1. I heard doom can do it if you CC into hidden missiles since the input for that move is back :h:, but Im yet to test it out.

  2. As for best CC, well its debatable, I think thors is really good since it gives him a free combo. Sentinels is also one of the best, but his requires 2 bars since you cancel into hard drive before it actually comes out and just combo off the hard drive.

Ironfist has a crumple alpha counter

Sentinel can cancel into Hard Drive. Viper, Thor, and Zero can combo out of it (Zero needs a meter). Ironfist has the crumple.

Well, that was the idea. If you are in a neutral situation or negative situation, you input the throw/Crossover counter so if they attack you get the counter and if they don’t (or do a slower move) you get the throw.

@sixfortyfive, yeah i have it, but i also wanted to see if people knew beyond that like general usage, safety, or other items. the ones i think you can combo off of for free would be Thor and X-23. Didn’t know about Viper and Jill though before the thread though.

Deadpools is also low (I think there is another i forget), not sure what combo options he has off it. Maybe he can teleport into combo?

I’m not sure if you can combo off of a raw Quick Work against a standing opponent, but if you can the timing is going to be incredibly tight. An easier low to combo off of would be She-Hulk’s Torpedo which can cancel into :s: or Clothesline. Felicia’s Rolling Buckler may be the easiest CC low to use as a combo initiator.

The only better ones I can think of than that would be gold hsien ko or pwright in turnabout. But uhhh how often is this guy planning on crossover countering anyway? lol

Strider is pretty safe also with vajra I think, and probably any beam assists and arrow assists (direct) are fairly safe also, but the former 3 are probably better as far as overall being safe.

Dormammu’s Liberation with 2 reds and 1 blue maybe? In theory it should be godlike, covers most of the screen and can’t be stopped.

I’m thinking that 2 blues and 1 red would be better. (It’s the meteor shower)

Crossover Counter tech video


Jill’s. It’s 100% invincible, safe, and literally leads to two dead characters depending on what combo you do and how many meters you have.

X-23’s Crescent Scythe and Vergil’s Rising Sun counters. Both can be made safe, have invincibility and lead into combos.

Jill and Thor as mentioned already. Viper’s TK assist as well.

If, by best crossover counter, we are talking about how good they are at blowing through the other guys attacks like a dead angle. Then the best is Jill. It has a ton of invul and is easy to convert. Plus it’s safe on block.

However, Jill’s CC is pretty slow, alot of the other CC’s, although they require Xfactor for a combo, come out alot faster making them harder to react to. Go to training mode and compare Jill’s to Chun-Li’s for example.

Also, sorry about list 236Assist as the input in the video. That’s how I always did it, I never new it was just 6+assist… lol.

any shoryu motion is a great CC you might not get a full combo off of it, but it can be that clinch factor that wins a match

What no mention of Phoenix Wright? 100% invincible on all his assists when in turnabout. As a matter of fact if you have the meter for it, you can crossover counter with Wright with press the witness as the assist. Then when he smacks them against the wall you immediately level 3 for instant death.

I also found Frank and Iron fist to have good Crossover counters.

Actually from what I read in the strategy guide…missile assist for Wright does not gain any invincibility. Only Paperwork and Break the Witness.

Oh well…only 2 Dark Haggar assists instead of 3. Considering you would hardly need to CC a Turnabout Wright assist to blow people up who are applying pressure, using it in a CC just sounds even more crazy good.

While it’s probably not the best, I’m a fan of Deadpool’s Quick Work assist as a Crossover Counter.

Invuln until active and hits low, can be canceled into teleports to make it more safe. I believe it can be canceled into Chimichangas for a combo but I’m bad at it.

Spencer’s would have to rank in the upper echelon, since it’s instant, causes a wall-bounce and allows you to hit the Hyper Combo of your choice.