Best crowd reaction in fighting game tourney a few vids inside


So far whats some the best crowd reactions you have seen in a fighting game tourney?
[](Justin v tokido evo 2k2)[media=youtube]pIXG6resxD4[/media]
](Justin v Ksk evo 2k2) [media=youtube]_HIziyRQfCs[/media]
[](The parry)[media=youtube]KS7hkwbKmBM[/media]
](Justin v Soo) [media=youtube]jIDCSsBVH9M[/media]
[*](justin v Yipes) [media=youtube]gVmc5ZepdVs[/media]
These are some of the best i’ve seen what’s yours?


[media=youtube]bxGyxIFRnQY[/media] RX vs Nitto SBO 5

[media=youtube]Qbox65ss4rw[/media] RX vs Rikimaru SBO 5 (8:30)

[media=youtube]R__CfOyYdYc[/media] Momochi vs Umezono/ Shiroitachi (5:00)

[media=youtube]xv9tjfbZMiE[/media] KO vs Daigo Evo 2k4 Final Game (4:21)


Kinda obvious, but I truly believe nothing will top the crowd from Justin Vs. Daigo this year.
It was the Andre the Giant/Hulk Hogan, Ali/Frazier, etc. of Street Fighter.
That truly made the difference, and changed the face of competitive fighting games as a spectator ‘sport’.

Otherwise one of favorites is the crowd reaction from Daigo’s Boxer running roughshod over John Choi’s O. Sagat, although I can’t find a vid of it on YouTube with the crowd noise.


who needs bullets when you can crumple all the links together in a wall of text


Not really a matchvid but more of a compilation of awesome crowd reactions from a guilty gear tournament from last year held in Sweden.

Check your volume they get quite insane at times.



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I love the parry one aswell^.
You have to love it when the crowd makes noise, makes the game more intense and way more fun.


“god fucking damnit”


Yes, thanks.


This is the problem I always have with the SBO DVDs. They cut all the crowd noise out. Kills the hype.


i agree with this



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Yah, the greatness of these matches are enhanced by the crowd’s reactions.



Damn, the Justin Wong vs. Tokido match at Evo 2K2. I don’t think Urien should be in SF IV now. He’d be too broken, lol.


Daigo vs. Ricky Ortiz - EVO2K3


Not an official tournament match but more of an exhibition match of sorts with my El Fuerte vs my friend NanaMilkTea’s Cammy (1 match, best out of 5 rounds), the crowd was just crazy!



now thats hype


Not a big reaction but I just loved how the crowd knew Magneto was dead.