Best custom stick to get


If you had 350 to spend on a new stick, what kind and which 1 would you get a why. I have the urge to buy a new stick so answers appreciated.


Yo, if you’re totally serious about SF you seriously need to get one of these


Honestly, each custom stick maker has their own trademarks and styles. Look at all the major ones and see which suits your personality and needs and pray they are taking orders (which is highly unlikely right now). There are honestly so many top tier makers, no one could possibly recommend you one that fits what you want.


This is hilarious. Only 50 bucks, too!


The first stick in this thread fits your price and description.

For 350 he might even dual mod it for PS3 and 360 for you.


And people say mad catz don’t know what they are doing!


Good looking out, LuckyDay.


Yeah, that stick is AWESOME and he’s selling it cheaper than he was a few weeks ago. Only 6 button, but do you know of a fighter than uses more? I got respect for those that tap out the 3x Punch for the Ultras and Specials (Madcatz 8 button TE for the win!)


damn, i was looking at that, it might actually work… if your a turd, lol.

that other stick from is nice but a little too bulky for me. I like this 1 here,

what u guys think?


UM… that stick is SUPER nice. I actually like it a lot better than Gamingnows. I can tell you that I’m having one built for me right now with similar design cues and specs and it cost me a lot more than 350. That’s a steal for such a beautiful stick with buttons that will last forever, a sold out mesh ball color and a very pretty piece of oak. I even like the Evangelion art with the colors, even though I’m not a huge fan of the show.


I will vouch for Arcade-In-A-Box

There are options for customizing your stick and their credo is all about giving you quality and an arcade-like feel/experience right from your home. You can get one for well under 350, but the down side is the long line you have to wait in (about 300 orders).


wow, 300 orders deep? thats gonna take a long ass time,lol

the more i look at this the more im really liking its simplicity and elagance.


350? You could probably but two customs with that much bread depending on the seller.


someone pm’d me to just buy a SF4 TE, are they that good?


these are the best. i just bought 2.


After using the a HRAP and a TE stick I would have to say that this stick is the best one I have ever seen.

Check it out!



That stick looks really good. I’m not a fan of the artwork on it, but if you’ve got 350 to spend, then I’m guessing it’s all about function. Plus you could probably get that changed. Anyway, yeah I’d say go for it.

As for the TE. I don’t know. I’ve never played on Sanwa anything. I just ordered a JLF for my SE stick yesterday.


the te would be a good idea. waiting for a builder right now is almost impossible. the te’s are good out the box


that was actually a good laugh the first time… read 2nd post buddy.


If he did not preorder, he may be waiting until April anyhow, seeing as Madcatz is still making sticks to fill preorders from the first go around. And unfortunately, a lot of people are also reporting issues with the TE right out of the box. This coming from someone who has had theirs preordered since December, and am still waiting on it from Gamestop.