Best cvs2 fight stories


you guys got any killer stories, surrounding arcade play, or just straight up vs? i got a few, but im interested to see how other ppl are doing. :wonder:


when i first played Ricky Ortiz and I didn’t know who he was. You know the rest.


When i played Choi at SJSU tournie and felt like i could win. I lost any way due to my own nervousness getting the better of me, but i never felt overwhelmed and i felt like i really had a chance. Either that or he was sandbagging, that asshole :stuck_out_tongue:


thought I lost to a girl…o_O


The game was famous in the arcade in the casino at the time. I enjoyed playing people and won alot with my King Rugal Vice team. Thought I was pretty good til fought a guy being sagat akuma vega team and this guy was amazing. Went back and forth with losses and wins. the score was 3 and 3. Til he got a good read and my play style the next 3 games were his. Playing in the arcades was always more fun but more expensive. For those great fight memories it was worth all the money spent.


When I first played Wis I didn’t know who he was and I beat his buktooth team.


choi plays very wreckless tho. while he IS the evo2k8 champion, it looks like he can be out-randomed. especially with k-groove. some day I will find out :tup:

oh also another story, I beat sanford at some tourney in loser’s bracket lol :looney:


SNAAAAKE, I also beat Sanford in loser’s bracket at a random tourney, good times. Apparently he didn’t do well against A-bison, who I would tend to anchor.

Best cvs2 fight story for me?

I wish it had the AUDIO leading up to me dropping the CC activation to kill Kindevu’s Blanka, because the roar from the crowd honestly startled me enough to miss it and I lost the game from there. His baiting my counter-activate to take the round was also pretty badass, haha.


3:07 omg what happened :frowning:


yeah, wtf dude!

I remember @Popoblo being REAL solid, even living in the middle of nowhere with no comp, a true warrior indeed!


@SNAAAAKE, that’s what I was talking about in terms of the crowd erupting and me being startled enough to drop the CC activation. Kindevu adapted pretty quickly and kind of scraped me the second game. Still not sure why I didn’t play eagle against him (especially against his sakura), since my A-sakura was a weak link for me and my eagle did well against him in casuals.

@geadom, thanks! I beasted on the computer plenty, that was about the extent of consistent competition I got! That’s one reason I would pride myself on my execution, since I knew I couldn’t afford to give away free damage by dropping a CC or combo. Just never had any big crowd noise to deal with.



1:32 was pretty sick


I was actually the one that recorded that…when I was like 16…and now I’m 28…fuck I feel old.


speaking of ecc…this one is still cray! :looney:


XBL aka XBOX Live…


whoa bro what an intense fight…

how about I just OCV rank#1 lol