Best Dancer Ever


Not even close.


Why doesn’t this thread link to Bebop?

That little boy slapped himself on the ass. I LOL’d.

For a vid that belongs in the vid thread, if that.


that kid is pretty hardcore, but to say he is the best ever?


I watched all of it. Brilliant!

Skip to 2:00

looks like the kid got epillepsy or something when he slaps himself…he does it all quick…

or this: [media=youtube]hXEN7XGobAU[/media]


go from 1:00-1:42 :rock:

Fuckin win :tup:


[media=youtube]HeE43q_IHp0&feature=channel_page[/media] :shy:


Potty Dance: [media=youtube]DacxAfN_T-Y[/media]

Fuck that, skip to 2:38!




End of thread…

It’s all about this guy…


Nah seriously, check out this kid…