Best Dante assist for Vergil?



I’m using Dante, Vergil and Doom and am wondering what assist I should use for Dante to help Vergil the most between crystal and weasel shot. I have Doom on plasma beam.


well its your choice on what you want for the assist. If you can do sword loops go for the crystal because it otgs which sets you up perfectly for the sword loops. If you cant really do his optimized bnb combo then pick jam session for a otg relaunch. Since you have doom’s plasma beam weasel shot isn’t really needed because you dont need a second assist that you can teleport mix up people with


I play Vergil/Doom/Dante as a fun secondary team. Vergil needs a beam (or beam-like) assist to get in and an OTG assist for combos. Your options are Doom(Beam)/Dante(Crystal) or Doom(Missiles)/Dante(Weasel).

The first combination Is easy to use. It’s easy to get in with Dooms beam. Beam assist leaves opponents in a juggle state so it’s a little harder combo off of it. But Doom gets much more from Weasel shot than Crystal.

The second combination is harder to get in with Weasel shot, but it still works. The extra hitstun of Weasel Shot is great for mixups with rapid slash. It also leaves opponents standing making it easier to combo off of. Doom Missiles works in OTG combos. You need to get a little fancier with it. It’s also a great assist for Dante if your team gets out of order. missiles will also cover the air if you are fighting Morrigan or Zero which is great because Vergil is only dangerous on the ground.

I run that team with Vergil(Rapid Slash)/Doom(Hidden Missiles)/Dante(Weasel Shot)