Best Dasrik Quotes

Hi all. Looking for help for a potential project we may or may not be working on (depends on JoeZaza’s response!). I’m looking for the best quotes that Dasrik has written on SRK or IRC (if anyone has logs). They can be funny, serious (about games or himself), or anywhere in between.

Quotes that would go well in a video would be interesting insights into himself or the community he was a part of. Think of stuff that would play to a wide audience, but also showcased his personal brand of humor or intellect.

Thanks in advance. Post away here if you have any (links to the posts would be great as well).

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<merdoc> once u go black u gonna like the cack <EnderPIE> once you go black, your credit is whack <Dasrik> once you go black, you might get stabbed <Worthless> that’s …not how tha saying goes.

<Dasrik`> if you want to control your partner, give her an allowance

These were in #srkgd, I miss Dasrik :frowning:

<Dasrik> yanno… i really have to laugh at you guys sometimes <@Jeeebus> dont worry we laugh at you more <Dasrik> i kinda doubt that <Dasrik> you’re too busy simultaneously hating and lusting after women to laugh at me much <@Jeeebus> wat <Warptico1> agreed <Warptico1> wat <Warpticon> If Dasrik was in MGS <Warpticon> soldiers would have ?s over their heads


lol. He speaks truths!

I don’t recall specific quotes, but his “Honda best man” thread was pure brilliance. I wish that thread was archived somehow.

“If you disagree, you’re wrong.”

My fav quote is in my sig :d:

savaii, I like that. Stuff like that would be good for the vid. Things that are more accessible to anyone, even people that didn’t know him… stuff like that.

yeah man good times, he will be missed.

Blog may help too.

All of the Hondabestman stuff was PURE GOLD. RIP Dasrik.

This isn’t a quote but considering this is the only Dasrik tribute thread that is stickied right now, I was trolling through SRK wayback archives and found this

Dasrik’s old av. It’s hard to swallow sometimes…just seeing this stuff brings back memories.


I’m pretty sure it was Dasrik who said, “You can’t counter crazy.” I always loved that line. =\

Still looking for good Dasrik quotes. They can be funny, serious, sad, reflective, anything!

It’s not exactly a Dasrik quote, but here’s a quote of Dasrik quoting Spider-Dan

I never actually read/heard Spider-Dan say this, but it’s a classic line nonetheless.

Dasrik also has a sort of poetic last post in Apoc’s thread here

Pardon my ignorance but what were the causes of death?

I never knew the guy… but it’s kind of spooky to sometimes still see his posts, ones I’ve never read, as though they’re fresh… and I don’t mean that disrespectfully at all, it just reminds me of mortality. Death is ignored 99% of the time but when it’s someone in a community you’re involved in (well, as much as one can say that I’m involved with SRK), it really makes you think. If I were to die today, would anyone here know about it? Doubt it. This guy must have been something.

I never knew him, so I’m not going to patronise anyone, but RIP anyway man.