best dc games

just looking to play something else on dc for a while. Whats the toughest shooter for dc and homebrew counts. Best homebrew game you’ve played and just great dc games.

vitrual on ontraio tangram or w\e the dc one is called. Thats pretty dope. Bangai o is pretty good and thats all I can think of right now.

radilgy, under defeat, zerogunner 2, and ikaruga are my favorite smups on dreamcast. the toughest many would say is ikaruga. there’s also the giga wing series and mars matrix.

why is this in FGD?

Don’t leave out Triggerheart Excelica.

Oh, and in before the lock. You should really use the search option and leave it in GD (you’re asking about shmups in a fighting game board?).

Ikaruga, Giga Wing, Mar Matrix, Radilgy, MvC2, CvS2, SF3:DI, ChuChu Rocket, Jet Grind Radio, Crazy Taxi, Tekken 3 BleemCast!, Project Justice

The real question is “Why didn’t the poster search in the first place”.

…that went well.

deja vu

sega…wtf happened to you?

Why SF3: DI, you can get 3S for Dreamcast

why play 3S on DC when the PS2 version is better?

not to mention, i really enjoy how much your mom enjoys me playing SI on DC… she BEGS AND BEGS to lick my balls every time i pick sean.

Cuz I have a very similar thread in GD…

dude you should get ikagura (very pro shooter game), Gigawings (kind of dumb game), Mars Matrix (another awesome shoter game), and some chop game I dont remember its name. :frowning: