Best deals on EVO monitors and PS3s?

I want to invest in a few setups. Where are the best deals right now or upcoming online or offline? Thanks.

[S]I don’t know of any sales currently but[/S] if you are in the US, keep an eye on New Egg as they often have sales and deals on the ASUS VH236H monitor (A.K.A. Evo Monitor)

the ASUS VH236H
$20 off w/ promo code EMCNGNA73, ends 3/11 (includes free shipping if you qualify)

Also remember Google if your friend. Search for ASUS VH236H not Evo monitor as Most stores/ online retailers will identify the product by its actual model number and not SRK’s pet nickname for the monitor.

Unless you put in some work to find used equipment at great prices, buying from Amazon and saving on shipping+taxes automatically makes it the best place to purchase from.

I would definitely recommend Amazon. Depending on the condition you’re looking for, you might be able to catch a better deal from the Used section. If you want a new one, Amazon regularly sells newer ones with $20 rebates like Newegg.

Do any of you know if **Asus 23" LED VH238H **if are ok to use for tournaments/casuals at an Arcade event? There is a good deal going on at Fry’s right now - I need to buy some monitors for an event this upcoming Thursday.