Best deals on Tournament Edition sticks

Been checking around for deals for my friends, whom I’m talking into buying Marvel, lol. I can’t find nothing around $100. It’s seems every stick is going up in price. Amazon has SF4 TE R1 360 for $179.99! Any leads? Thanks!

I think it’s funny that most of the TEs are cheaper on the PS3 side…

But I’d try eBay. (I’ve seen sticks listed as “New” go for 71-100 dollars)
Trading Forum.
Waiting for a promotion. (you just missed one a while ago)
Or getting the EX-SE HRAP which is like 85 dollars on Amazon iirc.

Edit: WAS 85 dollars… it seems to have went back up. Still only 110 if you buy it from the Amazon warehouse, but then you might as well go HRAP VX unless those went back up in price.

always check the Trading forum here:

They use even cheaper quality parts than the 360 sticks do, so in that regard it makes sense. Also no mic jack on PS3 sticks.

there was one on the tradin outlet yesterday, iirc $90 shipped, or $75 cash/collect

Do they?

Not button/stick wise. But PCB wise, at least I think so.


For some reason MadCatz decided not to attach plugs to all the ribbon cables in PS3 sticks. They also only have one PCB as opposed to the three found in 360 sticks. In short, the PS3 sticks are cheaper to produce than 360 sticks.

Wait around tournament weekends, Madcatz have been giving out discounts when majors happen. Just check the stickies in here whenever a hyped tournament is happening.

does madcatz have those discount deals every month

Wait for a new thread from MarkMan… He’ll announce when there are sales.

For the moment, no. We may not see another sale for at least another month.

Right now, I think Mad Catz wants to sell those MvC3 joysticks at regular price for at least a few weeks before doing discounts…

That would be mine…but I just sold it few hours ago locally. Thx for looking though!

Wait until a major tourney. When wcw went down, round 2 fightsticks dropped to 100 bucks. Same thing happened at for canada cup and so on. Last year at evo, they sold custom colored shaft covers and dust washers!

your welcome.

hey i was tryin to help you both out. this is a community after all.

don’t worry, MM usually posts about sales pretty often.

you prolly can either ebay or find someone in the trading outlet, or just want for another event for MarkMan to post another promo.