Best defensive, keepaway, safe poking characters?


Forgive the lack of terminology. What I might be asking for are good footsie characters with long-ranged, safe pokes to throw out but there I’m just throwing out pro words.

My favorite characters always seem to be rushdown or mix-up people, but I think style-wise I would benefit from playing more lame(?), keepaway characters and ones with great range on their normals. I guess Ryu is the typical fighter for the former, but I’d like to try some non-Shoto characters, and for the latter I’d characterize it like Kaijin no Soki from TvC. Not just long range, a balance of range and speed is needed so a beginner like me cannot be punished every time I throw them out.
Maybe Dahlsim and who else?


Wouldn’t recommend Dhalsim for beginners. Try Guile.


Vega, Guile, Rolento.

There’s also Bison…Eeh, he’s not bad, but not good either. Better off with the the characters above.


In my period of most playing Vanilla SFIV, Bison was far and away my best character. Maybe I can repeat the magic? I heard he gained virtually no abilities or properties that benefit this game, which worries me. Vega I’d like to learn and I love the range his normals have, but using his charges in combos are so foreign to me. Prolly just need to man up.
Possibly anyone on the Tekken side? Yoshimitsu has a sword but I hear he’s just bad, and for defensive I’ve heard good things about Jin overall and Heihachi seems to have a nice dragon punch as well as a counter move.


Yeah, Bison really didn’t gain anything in this game. I dunno though, he got off better than Balrog.
I honestly find Vega pretty find fun to use especially if you’re used to Bison. His combos aren’t that hard once you get the grasp on them.

For the Tekken sides… Jin’s biggest flaw is, believe it or not, his pokes. He’s go bad pokes, bad anti-airs, and is better off as an anchor imo.
Ogre and Hwoarang got good pokes I suppose. Raven can play lame, as well, and is extremely versatile.


Sorry, the term anchor means what again? All I know are point, battery, and meter-chugger.
Jin’s A-Air game is indeed an issue, and I always thought he had good looking normals but they are a little short. Hwoarang just looks cool, I should try him next.

Always thought Chun-Li played this style, but also that she’s pretty bad so far. Shame, now that’s a character I could get behind.


The 2nd/last character in your team.


So you’d think a Vega would be a nice leadoff? Seems all my characters turn out to be anchors.


chun Li


Yes. Vega is an excellent point/battery character for characters who has problems getting in but can deal damage. (eg. Steve, Asuka, Zangief.)


rolento is the new bison. if you like bison in SF4, try rolento. use his ex escape to get out of pressure, don’t rely on ex patriot


Raven! His projectile is good at keeping people from jumping and advancing if thrown at the right angle


Jin has one of the best AA’s in the game, leaping side kick (mental alertness xx lk).

As for Ogre, I wouldn’t recommend him as a poking character. His pokes are both slow and have below average frame recovery.

The best character for fast, far-reaching, and effictive pokes, is Vega (Claw). The beauty of Vega is that due to his fast speed, he also has a decent rushdown game.


I think the Leaping side kick is fun but how good is it for doing quickly? A two-step a-air seems tricky.
I think I’ll try some Vega/Steve Vega/Jin action.


You should try out juri, she got nice pokes and can both zone and rush down pretty good.


If you’re up for it, Dhalsim is a great keep away character. His gameplan revolves around pestering the opponent with fireballs and standing fierce, watching how the opponent reacts, and going of the appropriate counter. If they jump over the fireball, standing roundhouse (or forward roundhouse since they changed it in this game) can stop a predicted jump. For floaty characters, jumping medium punch is a great air to air. If they’re dashing and trying to get in, standing light kick and standing medium punch stops their advancement. Basically, he has normals for just about every situation, and a teleport to get out of situations. And now that there’s no focus attacks, he can poke away.


Poison is really good for the lame game. Great anti air options, great range on her normals due to the whip and her slow fireball provides some interesting cover for either mixups or just pushing foward. Also rekkas are nice.


In theory, it shouldn’t come out fast enough before getting hit, when in actuality, its very quick. You can attack out of mental alertness instantly.

People are using ME xx mp on wakeup as a viable reversal.


I think rolento is the way to go


Guess I just need to get faster with it, though now I feel like I cannot use Jin until I find out how to Special Step mid-combo…