Best defensive or zoner character


Hi every1, well I want to know which character for you is the most defensive or best zoner, because I usually play with that type , like hakuman or nu-13 in BB, or like guile or dalshim in SF. No grapplers.




Depends on what style you like.

Naoto if you like being able to switch between going in and staying out reasonably well, Yukiko if you like the tricks and gimmicks while keeping people out all day, Elizabeth if you like high risk, high reward (i.e. played correctly opponent will feel like it’s Marvel, played incorrectly you get bodied really fast).


Yukiko = has the most space control but often wants to dash in while the opponent is blocking, i.e. Nu/Dizzy.
Naoto = has traps and guns, but her zoning isn’t very strong. You can’t play her super defensively.
Elizabeth = Less space control than Yukiko, but higher damage, stays at a greater distance. She’s a “mage”.

Overall I think Yukiko is probably what you’re looking for, she’s the closest thing to a non-P4A character and has the best defense.