Best Doctor Strange's



New to using doctor strange and wanted to know what players had the most admirable doctor strange.

Tenboss from Japan is the best I’ve found so far take a look at 1:23-1:49 [media=youtube]dZZ5jf0TPbc[/media]

Really trying to get some godlike strange gameplay to help my gameplay guys, thanks


Take a look at this guy, ignore the shitty commentary.


Tenboss is really the only other good Strange that comes to mind that I’ve seen.


nice…, but if these are the only 2 good strange’s out there then DS is a very underated character


There was this East Coast player at CEO that was good if you can find him. Also, Nemo from Japan is someone worth watching [S]sometimes[/S] all the time. Dieminion has a good zoning Strange just so you can see the variety of ways you can play DS.


Pretty sure you’re referring to Punish:


I’ve watched this match so many times already. Mostly due to all the hype and the [S]lucky[/S] amazing Strange comebacks. I could only find two of his matches on youtube, he’s very entertaining to watch as his team is very unorthodoxed.

Dieminion’s Strange is pretty ass, he summons EoA’s constantly even when it’s not in his best interest and the only combo I’ve ever seen him do is the basic IP loop. He has no supporting assists for Strange to get in with and you can tell that he only uses Strange as an assist/SoV spam character (or at least that’s how I see it).

Tenboss is by the far the best Strange player, he’s on an entirely different level.


I’m a fraud, I have no record of matches online whatsoever, therefore my Strange is terrible. :frowning:

Or in theory tier as far as skill levels go. No one really plays Strange the way I do, except maybe serpentaurus who runs Ammy anchor but that’s about where the comparisons end.


Dieminion disgraces almost every Doctor Strange ever played :slight_smile: . But that punish guy is nice too. I still have to put my favorite Tenboss at #1…, watch the vid at the very first forum if you think otherwise.


I just wish Dieminion could realize somehow that doing raw eyes of agamotto is not safe if your opponent is in your face >_>


This, this, this.


I was at a tourney, when we were warming up, I spammed SoV and I said to my opponent “That’s dat Dieminion” and he laughed “Ya, totally know what you mean.” Does Ryan Hunter have any recent videos anyone knows of?


Last time I saw Ryan play Marvel was when Fanatiq came over to Option Select’s Mixup Monday. He got bopped hard like everyone else there, couldn’t even get a game off him iirc.


just mash dat palm


insanelee if you want to convince the FGTV people that DrStrange is good you should start playing Strange x Ammy. Join the club :wink:


Serp and Mazio with dat secret Dogtor tech.


My secret tech is Magneto combo into st.S, j.H, then :u:/:d:/:f:/:b: + :s:.


Strange + ammy is more brainless then doom + ammy for sure , ill give u that. But it wont make u into a good dr strange player .


My secret tech is A1 + A2


the fgtv house already thinks strange is mid tier I think that’s a pretty accomplishment from the strange is shit perspective they had previously.


I dont think of myself as one of the best, but after playing people here during Treta Armageddon, I can say I have a pretty damn good one.

I convinced people that he is not ass, and got the best feeling you can get when playing Strange: ToDing Hulks, Haggars and such.

Getting people to go bonkers and “WTF IS THIS DUDE” is the best trophy I’ve ever got playing anything. :slight_smile:


I actually know this guy. Saw him play last night.