Best Dreamcast to PS2 converter?

Hey all, this question isn’t for me really, it’s for my cousin. See, he just bought a dreamcast, marvel, and some dreamcast controllers but perfers using the ps2 pad because that’s what he’s always played it on. So i was wondering what the top 3 best Dreamcast-to-PS2PADcontroller is? in order. And when i mean best, i mean no-lag-whatsoever. A guy at my local gamestore told me and even showed it to me, but I forgot.

also for the stick too. Mods, if this isn’t in the right section please merge it with the other topic. It seems nobody is talking about dreamcast to ps2 so I thought i’d post here, but yeah if it’s wrong, feel free to move it. thank you

aren’t you talking about PS2 to dreamcast converters?

thinking absolute same thing :wonder:

the innovation one is the best. has a VMU slot, and can convert CPU PS/2 keyboard to use, a PSX / PS2 pad, and a Saturn pad.

i’m selling my 2 innovation converters for 15$ if you’re interested
i prefer the total controls and super dc ones

2 for $15 or $15 each?

if he only wants one and it’s 15 for both, i’ll give you $10 for one of them, shipped.

I forgot to mention that i’m from Canada
so 2 for 15$ + shipping (about 5$)
or 13$ each shipped

Yeah i think i mean that lol. so the name of it is “The innovation” ? We all can agree it’s the best with no lag right?

gimme a few days ill ask my cousin see if he wants it

yo payback if isnomnia don’t buy those converter, i’ll take both of em, hit me up on aim or whateva

is the total control plus worse than the innovation?

do you use msn?

payback whats your msn/aim? if you haven’t sold it already

go for the innovation converter.

no lag whatsoever for all the sticks i used.

Could anyone recommend a site that sells these?

yeah anybody wanna recommend a trustful site besides ebay?

hey, has anybody tried one of those “total control” adapters?

the innovation site is out of stock forever! seriously wtf!

so does anybody know where to get these from? any info on this?


i just saw this thread:

i guess ill be picking up a total control 2

quote from Preppy’s site, he mentions NOT to use TC2 for some reason. can someone verfiy why is this?

and what about TC1 and TC3’s ?

hmm, so im better off getting a total control 1 then.

i guess i dont really need to use a keyboard.