Best dual mod for Hori EX (360)?

I was looking at ordering a Dual strike online and want to know if anyone knows any other pcbs that are better that also have auto detection for ps3, xbox 360, and pc. I got an understanding on how to hook it up, just screw in wired to the buttons and stick and use a ribbon cable to solder to the xbox 360 pcb. Im just trying to see how you experts would go about dual modding it and which dual mod pcbs you guys favor.

Hori EX motherboards cannot be dual modded as they are not common ground.

ChImp SMD boards are a good alternative to Dual Strike’s.

Ah i feel dumb. Well looks like ill have to go with an already dual modded pcb. Know any that have the xbox 360 voice chat so i can still chat with my stick?

Wait till the PS360+ goes on public sale around March/April.

Otherwise dual mod a 360 Fightpad/Brawlpad pcb to a ChImp SMD.

Wow i just read up on the PS360+ and that shit sounds amazing. A dual mod pcb that only requires you to screw into terminals?! Sounds like the ultimate pcb mod chip. Thanks for the help.