Best Dual Modding solution?


I’ve seen several dual modding solutions like the Chimp SMD, PS360 PCB, etc. and I don’t know which is the best, and by best I mean easiest and simplest, solution to dual modding the stick. If possible, please provide a guide. The stick is a 360 Street Fighter 4 TE. I want to make it work for my PS3. Also, I’m a complete newbie at this as I’ve never done any sort of wiring before. Although I did hear the Chimp SMD was the best, but I don’t know…


Chimp SMD is the easiest way to do a dual mod on a existing Xbox 360 stick. Requires no soldering on existing Xbox 360 sticks.

PS360 and Joytron Paewang Revolution - PCB is easier for custom sticks made from starch, with the PS360 being easier than the Paewang Revolution. The PS360 is as easy as the Chimp, The Joytron Paewang Revolution PCB will need soldering unless you buy the optional wiring harness.


Yeah sounds like the Chimp SMD is the way to go. I’ve been looking but I can’t find a great guide on installing it.


Just did a little more researching. I heard it’s a very advanced mod. As someone, who never touched the innards of a fightstick, am I way over my head?


The chimp uses screw terminals, so soldering is not required.

Refer to the 2nd page of the PDF file I provide in the link or read the document that came with the chimp.

On one side the stick, VCC, OD,- OD+ and GND refers to the USB cable going out from the stick to the console
On the reverse side VCC, XD-, XD+ and gnd is from the cut usb cable from the Xbox 360 USB.

On ether side VCC is your +5 volt line, usually red in USB cables
The OD- or XD- better known as Data -, usually white
The XD+ or XD+ is Data + usually a green wire
The GND or ground wire is usually black

1P to 4P are your punches as in Street Fighter setup
1K to 4K are you Kicks as in Street Fighter setup
See that PDF file for what PlayStation buttons correspond to 1P - 4P and 1K - 4K
for 6 buttons layout you will not need 4P and 4K.

Directionals, start, select and home should be obvious in PS setup, Select is the same as back in Xbox 360 and guide is the same as home.

you can stick wires from the 360 PCB and their corresponding button wires to the terminals in the Chimp, if your wires are too thick for this, you can use a European style barrier strip to bridge this.


What about the TEasy, it’s the easiest solution for XBox360 TEs…


Actually, the TEasy is probably the easiest and most straight forward.


I did not suggest the TEasy because I unfamiliar with that kit and also I am not sure where to buy it at.

I have used the other boards/ kits so I stick to what I knew in terms giving other people my knowledge/advice.


Thanks dark. But I am really new to this. So like, I’d need to know where to put the Chimp and if there’s any stripping or cutting involved. I’d rather get the Chimp than the TEasy, especially because the TEasy is around $20 more and people on this board likely have a lot more experience with it so requesting assistance won’t be so difficult. I’ve been scouring the internet for a video on installing the ChImp but I can’t find one.


Also is the ChImp completely solderless? I want a 100% solderless option.


Chimp SMD is completely solderless, yes.

I <3 mine.


Sweet thanks. So this is it: Toodles ChimpSMD
Does anyone have like a vid/guide with some pics of installing it? I think I have an idea of how to do it from watching and reading numerous guides of installing boards, and the very brief guide Dark provided. But I want to know where would I place it in the stick, and which wires do I cut/strip, etc. I know I’'m being a nuisance. But I’m a newb and I want to get this right and have a clear picture in my mind of how this will work before I fork over $35, for what could be an oddly shaped paperweight :stuck_out_tongue:


Try searching. There are a number of guides already posted.


best solderless option is the TEASY strike
don’t have to do anything but clamp down the board and use the punchdown for the USB, no need to do any rewiring either

although if you really are looking for the best dual modding solution its an MCthulhu + Imp + RJ45


Yeah I saw a complete video guide for the TEasy and it looks pretty simple. I just wish there was one for the Chimp and I’d buy it right now.


use a ps360 honestly Ive lost faith in gen1 madcatz pcbs and if you use a ps360 you can sell the original madcatz pcb.


PS360 seems harder to install than the rest. This will be my 1st mod so I’m going for something easy. I just want a good ChImp guide because I have a good TEasy guide but I’d obviously like to save those $20 and install a ChImp instead.


Oh dear, here it goes.

One PCB, both systems, turbo functionality.
Solder required, home button difficult to get to on a TE to solder to.

Solderless, just screw wires in to the Chimp, and shove the other end in to the QD on the button.
Smart switch, no need to hold buttons or flick switches when hooking to different consoles.
Home button would require solder, but there’s a shortcut ‘Start+Select’ to engage home on PS3 side.

Easily upgradeable to a trimod or higher.
Highest involved work, three PCBs to work on.

Clamp and go design, makes dual modding a 360 TE a breeze.
Most expensive PCB at $50

If I’ve made any errors, or there’s something to add, please let me know.



So I’m torn between the Chimp and TEasy. I’m looking at the ChImp mainly due to the price. But I don’t know what you guys mean by screwing in the wire >_< Do I like strip a couple inches off the wire and twist it up and stick into the little holes on the board. I keep looking back at this pic Toodles ChimpSMD
Where exactly on there would I put the wire end. I understand the Quick disconnect part.


This is a screw terminal. Stuff wire in, screw down the screw on top, job’s done.