Best dual-mode PCB available now?

I’m modding my HRAP EX this week-end but i’m not quite sure on wich PCB should i get wich one is the most reliable and easy to install?

Probably one of the one’s in the stickied threads that you should read before making a new post.

Oh OK sorry

What the fuck do you want it working on?

Uhh x360 and ps3? Don’t kill me please?


Edit: Damn, beat to the punch lol

Any european stores sell it? Shipping costs to europe on focus attack are not exactly cheap

If your stick is Xbox 360 already, assuming that from the name of your stick. You can also get the Brook Fightboard that works on both PS3 and PS4 as well, get a breakout board when they come out to make life easier and install a DPDT switch and dual mod it that way. You’ll have PS3/4 and Xbox 360 support that way. Soldering will be involved without a breakout board and you would need a rotary tool to drill out a hole for the switch, installation isn’t insanely difficult, but it also isn’t beginner friendly I guess.

The PS360+ will be easier to install tho, has legacy console support, and no soldering involved so no breakout board needed. Either way you win with either option. If you have no soldering experience ordon’t want to install a switch, this is perfectly fine. For the USB, you have 3 options: RJ45-USB, USB-B to USB-A cable, or use preexisting cable in your stick and solder it into the solder points on the PCB. The first two USB options is very straight forward.

I think i’m gonna get the ps360 one because the HRAP i have is actually one of the old EX-SA models the ones that came out ps3 only back in 2009 (the xbox had the seimitsu one) but even if i had an x360 one i would’ve choose it because the less soldering involed the better (at least for me) and if have the option to avoid doing it completely? Count me in and besides i’m gonna buy a TE2 anyway when SFV come out

Aight, no problem with that

Btw wasn’t the ps3 controller compatible with the ps4?

Not exactly.
Certain fighting games included the Lab Zero driver that would allow you to use PS3 devices on your PS4 (ie, Skullgirls, USF4, MKX), but some did not (ie, DoA5LR).
It came at the discretion of the developer to include (or not) the driver.

Oh that’s why they didn’t work on DOA well if they work with usf4 i guess they’ll add the support with SFV too unless they make some special deal with a stick manufacturer to sell more sticks or whatever btw thanks for the clear up

You can’t assume that. AFAIK none of the PS4 betas have supported PS3 sticks.

Never had the chance to try the beta but if that’s the case ill just have to buy a TE2 i was considering using my HRAP EX for now and buying the TE2 later on when the pricetag drops a bit but given the circumstances i might as well buy it along with a copy of SFV when it launches

The PS360+ works on PS4 with an 8 minute timeout.

You just have to reset the stick with a simple button combination every now and then

So let me get this straight it works with the ps4 but i have to unplug it replug it and then press a button combination every 8 minutes?

With the latest firmware the PS360+ has a soft reset, so all you need to do is press a particular combination of buttons every 8 minutes with no need to unplug.

But if you want to play on PS4 you should really think about getting a dedicated PS4 pcb or Brook adapter.