Best dudley player in the states

whos the best w/dud in the states?

You mean Dudely from SF3, right? I’ve seen 3 good Dudely players at CF in NY. I don’t play SF3 but they looked good.

idk dude


VictoLy, there’s a good handful of skilled dudley’s in the U.S., but Vic is the best in my opinion.


Japan- Kokujin, Fujiwara
USA- Victoly, IronFist

Outside of the FFA Dudley guys, who else in the US has been placing high/winning tourneys (local and/or majors)? are there any beastly EC Dudley players that consistently place/win their locals? i haven’t heard of any, but i’m not saying that there isn’t any either…

anyone from the EC 3S scene care to shed some light on your Dudley players?

Id say Vicoly but im interested to see if theres anyone else

i just skimmed through the last 3 posted tournament results that were held on EC. the poster didn’t name which character each player used for most of them, but just going off of name recognition, there’s not a lot of dudley users placing at EC tourneys. is this correct?

There’s actually alot of good Dudley users on the EC (especially at CF). I’m sure most don’t enter official tourneys and whatnot, that’s why you never hear about them. I can say the same about all the KOF players here as well. Most of them are good enough to start beasting at tourneys…it’s just a matter of fact that most don’t get recognized because they don’t enter/organize tourneys. Based on what i’ve seen i’m quite sure they can hold their own against the more well-known players.