Best Emulator

Can someone recommend an emulator? I’ve used Mame and Mugen before but I never really compared the two. I’m getting back into emu a little more and want to know what works best. I’m only really interested in the SNK/Capcom fighting games in case that helps. Thanks!

Mugen isn’t an emulator. It’s a fighting game engine that allows you to add your own characters.

MAME is the best emulator for arcade games.

Is Mame32 or WinKawaks better for fighting games?

I like to use nebula, but neoragex is also good.

If you’ve got a slower PC (500MHz or under), Neo-Rage X is definitely the way to go. WinKawaks isn’t bad, but Nebula was always more difficult to use than I would have liked. MAME gets the job done, and it’s a cinch to use if you’re used to the interface, but it’s the slowest of the available Neo-Geo emulators.

There’s a pretty butt kickin’ Neo-Geo CD emulator available for the Dreamcast, as well as the PSP. I’d look into both of those if you have those systems. There’s nothin’ like a little World Heroes 2 on the go!


Basically it depends on your system and its power : if you want perfect emulation, go MAME, if you want *apparently * perfect emulation, go for some others like kawaks. Cause you won’t see any difference, but if you know your original arcade game, you will at some point feel the difference. Of course, you could fine tweak your kawaks (beginning with the core cpu speed) to get something about as good as mame, but you’ll spend ten times the time needed to configurate mame (I’m not joking)

So thats why people chose MAME over Kawaks. Why do people use .64 over .90?

Damn good question. Unfortunately I have no definite answer for it. I know most people prefer .64 for netplay reasons, but I can’t say for sure it’s the only reason (not to mention that netplay nullifies quite a bit the “arcade-perfect” statement)

Yeah, though actually Mame is on 1.04 I believe

That being said, Mame using your CPU to handle all of the work of emulating the game and the hardware it run on. While others like Nebula/Kawaks/Zinc use hardware (ex. video card) to speed up the process and add various filters (to make it look nicer) and what not. So it isn’t 100% accurate that mame attempts to be, but it tends to get the games running at a decent speed which may be important if you have a less powerful computer.

For fighting games I like Final burn.

For some reason my WinKawaks and Mame and Neorage can’t register half circle inputs.

Problem with Final burn is that no one uses it on Kailerra.

if you want to use it on kaillera, go to anti3d’s site and dl mame32 v64 (or somethnig like that) from there, that’s the version everyone uses.

For standard use, it’s your preference, all the emulators that were mentioned work pretty well with low end computers. Mame has a hellish config menu after the game is launched but has the widest support, and for simplicity sake, I just use mame for everything. Kawaks lets you dink with A LOT of settings easily, but I don’t know what half of them do so I don’t bother, can only do CPS2 and neogeo emulation. Nebula is pretty and sweet, has some small bugs, but otherwise, it’s hard not to like. Does PGM, neo geo, cps2/1 and some other stuff.

For certain games, older versions of MAME were less strictly emulated. In newer versions the emulation has improved but this slows the game down so you need better hardware.

I don’t know if that is the specific reason people use .64 but it’s probably a contributing factor. It could always be that no one has bother’d to update kaillera to the new version.

I’m interested in seeing some front ends that people use. I’d like to just boot up my pc (when I get it built) and have a mame menu that I can navigate with my joysticks. Is that possible?

finalcut: it is possible with mame32, just a ismple up and down menu that lets you launch games. You’ll probabyl end up wanting a keyboard for quitting games, pausing games, dinking settings, etc, anyways, I wouldn’t bother with such a feature.

oh and btw, servers aren’t partial towards kaillera client version, so you can use .90 on kaillera if you want. Aparantly .9 is less stable then .64, and to be honest, I get some latency with .9 more so than .6. I use .9 for offline and .64 for online.

Not quite.

If you want perfect emulation, you need a real arcade monitor and MAME+powerstrip (under widnows), XMAME and custom X modelines under Linux, or AdvanceMAME with SVGALib under Windows/Linux.

Nebula is the BEST emulator for CPS1,CPS2 and Neo Geo, better than kawaks and better than MAME

Nebula can handle raster effects, Kawaks and MAME dont

problem is for online play most people use MAME or kawaks for alot of the reasons listed above, also Nebula is more memory intensive than MAME or Kawaks but the emulation is of a better standard IMVHO

FinalCut - I have done this with one of my cabinets, all I did config Nebula to launch in full screen GUI and added it to my startup programs list, now when Winbloze has finsihed loading, it launches into full screen Nebula. I am running Nebula on a Corretto WSPC ( Worlds Smallest PC) which has a 2GHZ CPU, 512mb Ram and only 16mb set aside for video memory, plays perfectly, sounds much beter than MAME ( I think the sound quality in MAME is a little grainy) and doesn’t have problems with games like Super Sidekicks or anything else that needs raster effects

That is not strictly incompatible with what I was saying ^^

And btw, Nebula is very good yes, better than kawaks certainly, better than FBA most probably. But I wasn’t talking of the most complete emulation, but the most accurate, not to mention that nebula’s emulation of rasters is impressive not still not perfect (and I’ve been using nebula since so long it barely had any dos frontend and I certainly most am in awe in front of Elsemi’s work so my words don’t come from hatred or lack of knowledge, though you’re free to explain me if I’m mistaken).

And when I say accurate, I mean first and last : game reacting exactly as the original hardware. Of course, som people may not have the same thing in mind when they say “best emulator”. But since we’re on SRK, I find it natural to consider it’s best when it plays best (so that you won’t be facing problems when you play in tourneys or simply on the original hardware). Now, to give a neo example : I care about perfect emulation in Garou, I don’t really care if it’s 100% perfect in League Bowling.

I heard 0.67 had various problems and desynching was one of them. I use Mame32k 0.64 because of the good functions. For 3D games, use Zinc 0.9 but that emulator is hard to find.

I assume you mean NeoGeo raster effects ?, seeing as Kawaks handles CPS1/2 raster effects just fine. Mame has had NeoGeo raster effects for years, having them enabled was a huge performance hit back in the day (Im talking 800mhz Pentium 3’s here) so they were disabled by default. I havent used Mame in ages but I assume they are now enabled by default, seeing as the speed of todays processors would be more then up to the task.

Nebula has plenty of bells and whistles, but that doesnt make it more accurate then Mame. lots of people who donated CPS2 boards to Raz have said that the games they donated sounded much better on Final Burn, Kawaks and Nebula then their cabinets, but sounded exactly the same in Mame. The mame team dont care about 8 point cubic spline interpolation, or other fancy sound filters. They want to recreate the original game as faithfully as possible, not improve it.

If you like Nebula great, personally its my fave NeoGeo-CD emulator, but its not as accurate as mame.