Best Emulators?

Hey guys.

Im currently using MAME32 ver 0.90u1, but its compatability isn’t great.

Does anyone know of a decent emulator which will run CPS/2/3 and NeoGeo MVS roms?

I remember trying a couple of other emulators a while ago, but they weren’t as configurable as MAME32, and the front-ends on them were awful.

Any help = much appreciated

Maybe you should try the latest version of MAME.

I usually use Mame32k++ or Mame++0.117.

Thought I had got the latest. Only downloaded it last week lol. WIll have a look round…

Final Brn Alpha.

MAME is garbage (performance+interface)

The current MAME release is 1.29.

Final Burn Alpha.

Or just download GGPO and use the Final Burn that comes packaged with it as well as being able to play online

mame have the best video quality and interface option

video quality is so great that it naturally produces around 3 frames of input lag


Just got Mame32k++ - works a treat.

Have problems with GGPO - it sometimes locks up/freezes for no apparent reason.

game ver?
mame ver?
how you checked?

Very impressed with MAME32k++

Final Burn alpha all the way man

for mame32 ++ where do i find the config for buttons, ive been looking for awhile and cant find it, thx in advance

im using final burn alpha and mama plus!

have you tried to press “tab” ingame ? there should be an input option (game and gerneral)

tere was a discontinued version of mame non official that allowed 3d acceleration with your graphic card making street fighter ex, tekken , strider 2, rival schools look much better then how there are in the current version of mame, you guys know what the ver was called?

Yes, Mame++. It allows you to use PSX plugins for improved emulation. The last version released of that was .119. Here it is:

The best emulator for CPS2/3 and Neogeo games is FBA/nFBA. MAME is the only option for a lot of other arcade games, but its insistence on “pure” emulation means that its a super resource hog. Not that this should bother anyone outside of some 3D titles.

i recommend this cause it works fine for me and mame has always been complicated to get working especially the online play for ggpo

thanks any other arcade emulator use the graphic card to improve grphical quality?

i knwo there was a 3d specific one but i want to try and imrove the older alpha, Mvc, Marvel super heros, SF3’s, as on a 42 inch lcd they need some anti al, antrirosphic x8 etc???

Try FB Alpha with an HQ2x or HQ4x setting. I don’t personally like filters but those should look nice.