Best/Favorite controller configuration?

I know that most of you play with arcade sticks, but what button layout would you reccomend for controllers like the PS2 or SNES?

I got used to play with the default settings of Killer Instinct on the SNES (the LP and LK on the shoulders), and I almost always configure that way when I play SF, but I think it’s not very effective to do combos and such that way.

What would you recommend? Get back to the default settings (where the HP and HK are on the shoulders)?

I like this


I just keep it default. I’ve grown used to the Playstation layout for :hp: and :hk:.

R1: :hp:
R2: :hk:

I played Street Fighter on the SNES a few days ago and that layout really threw me off. But in the end, it all comes down to what works best for you.

I recently switched to stick, but before that I played on a pad for like 17 years or so.

This is how I set my buttons on a 360 pad:

Strong=Right Trigger
Short=Right Bumper
PPP=Left Trigger
KKK=Left Bumper

Default. I haven’t changed a pad configuration in years (Except for disabling stupid macro-buttons… eg, why my L1 is set to PPP is beyond me)