Best FFVIII Review Evar

I found this to be pretty funny… I’ll only post this part as the whole review’s about an hour long, but you can search for the other parts if you wish to see them.


…meh… He seems like hes trying to be the Angry Video Game Nerd

I kinda felt like punching him in the throat for the first 4 min. that I watched it.

but I’m biased, that was my favorite FF lol

:rofl: at teh Zell Mentos moment

Yeah overall he’s a pretty annoying guy, but this was the best clip from his FF8 review. The mentos was hilarious.

Damn right man, the Mentos idea was genius… I also like his Zell jokes, they’re pretty funny… “Soooooo gay.” :lol:

I liked dude alot.It’s not like Angry Videogame Nerd is that funny either.He curses so much that now it is pretty annoying at least IMO.

This guy had his moments, great review.


The hillarity continues… :rofl:

I’m torn on this, he seems to have the occassional funny moment, then again a lot of it is retarded, from the childish-ness of the gay jokes at the start to saying about Triple Triad.

Triple Triad was AWESOME that is fucking all.