Best fight in Volume 1


my favorite so far was bison vs. Charlie, but the akuma vs. Ryu and Ken was real good.


I’m gonna say Chun Li vs. Charlie. A lot of the other fights were more exciting and choreographed, but my fanboyism overrules all that and I have to pick the Chun Li one because it was too cool seeing her kicking some ass with her signature normals. The best part was the Tensho Kyaku. Just awesome


Ryu/Ken vs Akuma.

I was hoping the Sagat/Ryu fight would have been “real” but Sagat let Ryu off easy :bluu:


I’ve gotta go with Akuma vs Ryu and Ken. After Ryu hit Akuma with the Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku, the combo that Akuma pummelled Ryu with (the one that ended with the Zankuu Hadou Ken) was awesome! It was exceptionally well-drawn when Akuma blocked Ryu’s Hadou Ken as well. That was just an all-around great fight.


Most of those fights lasted about 1-2 pages long!


Akuma Vs. Ryu & Ken for me.
I always like seeing the Evil Intent characters LOL.
BTW one thing bothers me why do they keep having to call it the Dark Hadou when it’s supposed to be Evil or Murderous Intent?
Or I’d be happy if they just left it at Satsui No Hadou.

Also I agree about the Sagat Vs. Ryu fight it wasn’t even a proper fight I can’t wait to see them take on each other in the tournament.


Ryu vs Evil Ryu - Cool

Guile vs. Birdie - Crap

Vega vs. E.Honda - Pointless

Ken vs. Vega - Good

Shadow vs. Chun-li and Guile - Total Crap

Ryu vs. Sagat - Was that a fight?

Charlie vs. Bison - Lame (the panels with the blows being exchanged was kinda pathetic)

Akuma vs. Ryu and Ken - Good


To Nortlee, Satsui actually means “Killing Intent.” “Murderous Intent” is passable, but it doesn’t mean “Evil Intent” in any way. Akuma/Gouki is not actually evil, though certainly not good. He’s dark and sinister and doesn’t feel that killing in battle is wrong.

Evil Intent was one of many mistranslations on the part of Capcom U.S.A., just like “Dark Hadou.” Udon probably has to call it that for the same reasons they have to call Ansatsu-Ken “Shotokan.”


Akuma/ryu ken

Its realy cool


I votd Akuma VS. Ryu/Ken.

In my opinion, this was how all the fights should be.

All the other fights were too short.


As there is no better place to put it and its not really that important anyway:

I don’t really think E.Honda’s fight wasn’t quite as pointless as others are saying it was. It did do some kinda important (or at least non-pointless) things at least:

  1. Showed E’Honda was a pretty well repsected fighter in Japan.
  2. Introduced Sakura - Yay!
  3. Showed the skills of the evil Vega (or Balrog if ya wanna get real picky) - Boo!
    and kinda importantly - if only just stepped on
  4. E.Honda got a taste of what the outside world thinks about Sumo, which isn’t as much as it should be in his eyes. Vega just scoffs at it, “Sumo? Bah!”
    ( Oh! And 5) Lead Vega to Ken in a round about way)

Now isn’t the forth point why E’Honda joined the second Street Fighting Tournament in the first place? He learned how little the outside world respected Sumo so went out to proove them how strong a Sumo man could be? shrugs Sure it was only touched on but it makes some sence.

Anywho, thats that really. Nothing major - just saying why I don’t think it was as bad as others are saying it was. Not “Great! WOO!” But not pointles to my mind either.

Akuma Vs Ryu/Ken was obviously the best fight - it had a whole comic to its name for a start. Ryu Vs Ryu was pretty much there with it though.


Evil intent just got inserted into my head somewhere, thanks for the info I’m not really educated with Japanese I just remember in the Alpha anime in Japanese they kept saying Satsui No Hadou & that once in the UK Official PlayStation mag they had translated Satsui No Hadou Ni Mezameta Ryu to “Murderous Intent Awoken In Ryu” so I just said Satsui No Hadou like in the anime, so it is actually just Satsui?

BTW, then I wish they would have stuck with Killing Intent.

I know that Akuma isn’t exactly evil I have the same view, it is his possessed fighting style that can be considered evil not necessarilly the man himself as he is practically possessed.