Best fight pad for both PS3 & 360

Alright, I’ve been ‘tolerating’ the MadCatz pads long e-damn-nough. It’s gotten to the point that I can’t take it anymore. I’m tired of the dropped inputs (for some reason my diagonal inputs are especially dropped, although buttons get dropped a lot as well) as well as the general build quality (I’ve had two controllers die on me - a PS3 one and an X360 one - after a very short amount of use). Just tonight, I had another PS3 pad ‘temporarily’ die on me. Just stopped responding to any inputs. My character just suddenly stood there, doing nothing, in the middle of a damn match. The controller was still ‘alive’, as the lights were flashing when I cut it off and on, but not even the Home button would respond. (It works again now after unplugging the dongle and plugging it back in, but if it happened once, it’ll happen again.)

So yeah, I gotta find something else. Only problem is, I can’t find anything I want that is available on both systems. I play on PS3 at home, but all my friends play on 360. I want something that is available on both so I can play with friends and practice at home. Granted, this is all temporary until I get a HitBox, but considering at this rate that likely won’t be happening until sometime next year, I need something for now.

I appreciate any help, fellas.

Try out a Sega Saturn USB pad for PS3. If you like that, you can try getting an adapter to use on a X360. At the end of the day, the arcade stick seems to be best. Especially for using ‘charge’ characters. Much easier on the thumbs.

if you’re having problems with your pads you might want to get an official pad, but to use it on both systems your going to have to use a converter because of lack of space that allows for a proper dual mod. i shouldn’t even mention that the PS3 sixaxis and dual-shock controllers are not common ground, making it even harder to use for dual-mod purposes, but those are the facts.

personally i recommend using a PS2 over a PS3 pad because i’ve had issues at tournaments were the wireless PS3 controller interfered with another game causing an annoying issue; not to mention that EVO also has banned wireless PS3 pads, along with a few other tournaments doing the same.

i highly recommend looking at this thread that goes further into detail about converters: Converter Compatibility Thread

this is just my personal opinion, but going the converter path is probably the best way to get a pad working for 2 different systems. also depending on which converter you get you can still use it for your HitBox later down the line.

*edit: next time you might want to post an issue like this in the “tech talk” part of the forum

Best option is to get a pad that works on PS2, and buy converters for it to work on 360 and PS3, IMO.

Just saw this, isn’t fake, looks really nice.

Though oddly enough both my controllers for both systems are rather crapped out. The 360 one being several years old and the ps3 light ones tend to be crappy. Either way later on I’ll only stick with one, probably the ps3.

Swing down to the Game Pad section of the guide.