Best Fight Stick for different systems?


Hi, I already saw the noobie thread, but I didn’t find the answer I was looking for.

I want to buy my first fight stick, but I want it to use in different systems (PC, PS2, PS3, Gamecube/Wii) since I dont have a lot of money to buy more.

For what I understand, I could buy a PS2 fightstick and with a PS2 to Gamecube adapter and a PS2 to USB adapter I can play on the systems I mentioned, right? (the only system left out would be the Xbox 360 or there is a way I can somehow use the stick)

If that’s the case, what sticks would yo recommend?


^That’ll cover the PS2 -> 360

Any HRAP for the PS2 should fit the bill. <3 HRAP2SA


I know you said you’re short on cash, but if I were you, I’d try and save up some cash and invest in a custom made stick with an MC Chtuhlu board in it. Its compatible with the systems you mentioned plus more. It’d be worth every penny.


Note that the MC Cthulhu does not work with the 360. If you take a stick that already works on 360, then add the MC Cthulhu board (dual mod), then you can have a stick that works on all the systems mentioned.


Don’t forget the Imp board for switching between 360 and MC Cthulhu. It’s not absolutely necessary as there are other methods to switch, but it does make everything easier.

Also, your Wii game has to support Gamecube control pads in order for the MC Cthulhu to work for that game.


but as far as we know, the MC Cthulhu’s PS2 support will work with any adapter. so even if he just got a custom w/ the MC in it, wired as ps2 it’d be similar to a hori real arcade pro 2.


Thanks for the help guys


Is the Tekken 5 HORI stick for the PS2 any good? (I might get it for $58)

I can’t find a review online


its a good stick the buttons are decent but to change the buttons you have to desolider but id get it for 58 it works on almost every converter lagless


Thanks for the help!
I’ll go for this one once I have the money (hopefully it will be still on sale)

I already saw a thread abut how to mod it (not that I plan to do it very soon).