Best fighter to get noobs into fighters

the best game to get noobs into 2D fighters?

Street Fighter IV.

If that’s too hard…Smash bros!!!

Street Fighter II’ HF, Street Fighter II :World Warriors, or Super Street Fighter II

Why? Because :

1 - Execution

Teaches how to execute moves properly, and if you can learn how to execute properly, playing SSFIV execution-wise, will be easier.

2 - Fundamentals

It can give you a better understanding about zoning, footies, and gives you a better over-all stand point how to play this game better mentally.


SFII was the one that started the fighting game franchise, play it.

^ These sound more like “teaching 2D fighters” rather than “getting someone into 2D fighters”. Is a lecture really the best first impression of a genre?
I’d say one of the crazier “donjon engine” games, or some fun emulated oldie. Fun first, then serious.

Show them something that is easy to get into but hard to master. Street Fighter IV or BlazBlue would be good. They’re new, flashy and not so hard for some newbie to mash out some cool stuff.

I vote Super Street Fighter IV, it’s easy to perform moves all around and it’s visually appealing too.

Nobody wants to pop in a 20 year old video game and be unable to perform moves IMO. But if these said people who were introduced into fighting games and wanted to take it to the next level, I do suggest the old SF2 games as well.

Twinkle Star Sprites.

Just use the newest fighter out so that way it can be both a physical and esthetically pleasing experience at first play.

Indeed. I got into fighters in 94, so yeah… Hyper Fighting it was.

Marvel vs Capcom. Its easy.

I agree Marvel, if it’s too hectic, I would say mess with player friendly games. CvS2 is fun.

Probably SF4.

KoF XII is quite good, mainly because if you’re in a group of people who have no idea what they’re doing people can get everyone mad hype by pulling off a jammy CC or something and messing the other guy up, and that’s good fun.

I find faster paced games are far more likely to interest most beginners than a slower paced one.

Here’s a list of games I’ve had people quickly gain interest in when playing with me, followed by one with games that didn’t:

POPULAR: BBCS, GGAC, MvC2, Tekken 5/6, 3S


As I expected, the vast majority of my friends (generally ranging from age 17-21, so they missed the golden age of SF especially around here where we really have never had arcades) preferred faster paced games such as MvC, BB and GG, as well as the occasional 3D fighter (mainly just Tekken), to “slower” games, aka KoF and SF. 3S, oddly enough, was the one SF they all really enjoyed, yet unfortunately it was also my least favorite SF…

A lot of them liked SSF4 as it was reasonably easy to play, but they all complained that once you really get into the game, the movement and combo system was tedious and boring to them (in short, not fast paced enough).

So basically, just get noobs to play some flashy, fast paced fighters and you’ll have them trying more and more games very quickly.

that was pretty much a good observation and i think some people will take this into consideration when trying more fighting games.

super smash bros.

The answer should be obvious.

Ask yourself this…

What game has gotten the most noobs into fighters???

Think about it :smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin:

is it SFIV???

I thought TVC was pretty cool but then there was all these Raiding techniques and DHC and barqoues it was a little overwhelming at first.

SF2 Hyper Fighting

Anything. The real key is to introduce newbies to the game in groups of 2 or more, letting them play other newbies for a while before they start playing against better players. This is key because most players don’t enjoy stacked fights, and (in most games) a veteran player playing a character he/she doesn’t know is still much better off than a newbie.

Flashy games tend to attract viewers, which is a good way to get newbies in groups, but really, you should be showing them something your local scene plays. If you’re trying to build a local scene, then go with what you want the scene to play, and if you don’t know which fighters you’d like to run, pick Guilty Gear (because it’s awesome).