Best Fighters For The Playstation 2 (any country)

I am about to get a Playstation 2 and just wanted to know what people thought the best fighters were for the system. I apprecieate all inputs (including a small amount of flames) thanks for the help people of srk.:lovin:

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
~CCC2 (For TRUE ST, not necessary though)
GG (Latest, although all are pretty much the same :o )

Oh yeah CVS2, duh.

Not sure what the general concensus is but I would avoid Isuka and go back to X2 (since #reload isn’t on american ps2)

How’d he get his name like dat?

GG/(Guilty Gear Slash)
Kof XI( King of Fighters 11/XI)
NGBC( Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
T5.T5DR depending on if you really care.
Some imports I don’t know about.

Alot of the threads in FGD are about games you can import.Since you said any country I assume you are able to import? Then you’ve got alot more options than me.

And the other 3 I mentioned you have to too.

yes i can import and that is why i said any country continue with the suggestions the less know the game the better (like really weird japan imports) thanks.

btw hold alt and press 145 is 146

DOA2: Hardcore

SFIII: 3rd (JP Ver.) or SF: Anniversary Collection (US Ver.)

Marvel vs Capcom 2
Melty Blood Act Cadenza
Hokuto No Ken (when it comes out later this month)

Melty Blood
Street Fighter A:C
Gundam:Federation vs ZAFT 2:Plus(#1 ranked arcade game in the arcadia rankings IIRC)

keep them comming these are mostly well know games here. Anyone have any rare titles that should be checked out

Is there an echo in here?

-Capcom vs SNK 2
-Marvel vs Capcom 2
-Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
-Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
-King of Fighters 02/03 two-pack
-King of Fighters XI
-King of Fighters 2006
-Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
-Guilty Gear X2

And if you’re into this sort of thing ;)…

-Tekken 5
-Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
-Soul Calibur 3

I own all of the above, save for Soul Calibur 3 and GGX2 (I have #Reload for the Box). I recomend all of the above. A lot of people seem to dislike KOF03, but it represents a new (and excellent) direction for the series, in my eyes. NeoWave was a bit of a step back, but all-star rosters are cool.

if your gonna play mvc2 play on DC

Or, you know, you could play it on the PS2. Either is fine.

Definitely. I own the Dreamcast version, and I made it a point to pick up the PS2 version for the sake of convenience. I’ve been playing for over 6 years, and I have no gripes with the port.

Yeah since it’s only been on the PS2 for 4.

some staple and some random games worth owning

streetfighter anniversary collection
streetfighter alpha anthology
street fighter ex 3
capcom classics collection vol. 2
capcom vs. snk 2
vampire darkstalkers collection
neo geo battle colloseum
king of fighters XI
king of fighters 02/03
king of fighters neowave
garou mark of the wolves
samurai showdown tenka
rumble fish
guilty gear slash
melty blood act cadenza
Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou Kaihou Matrimelee
virtua fighter 4 evolution
tekken 5
tekken tag
soulcalibur 3
king of fighters 2006
super dragonball z

coming soon

hokuto no ken (3/29/07)
guilty gear accent core (5/31/07)
king of fighters 98 special (tba)

When he said 6 years i assume he meant his combined playing time since the DC, and not that he has been playing the PS2 ver. for 6 years, which would be impossible.

DC version FTW.

Exactly. I’ve been playing Marvel vs Capcom 2 for 6 years total, starting on the Dreamcast. Even with all that time spent, I don’t have any issues with the PS2 version of the game.

Garouden Break Blow

Kof-2002 and 2003. Even though I hate 2003.