Best fighters on the Dreamcast?

I’ve got a few extra bucks on me, and I’ve decided to hunt down different fighters for the good ol’ dreamcast. What I want to know is, which games are worth tracking down and buying? I will only buy it if it’s the best version of said game available, short of the arcade release(if there is one). If there is a better port of the game on more recent consoles(like 3s), I’ll pass. All I have for my DC is: MotW, Power Stone 1, Project Justice, Virtua Fighter 3tb, and Soul Calibur. Are any other fighters worth getting? Thanks for any and all replies in advance.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs Snk 2, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Last Blade 2, Firepro Wrestling D

That’s a good list of games you’ve got so far. Well, aside from the already mentioned one’s what I also recomend are:

Powerstone2: probably the only reason to use all 4 controller ports. Not as serious as the prequel but its easy to get into and hella fun with 4 other friends, easily kill 6 hours of your night granted u have peeps that’ll play.

MvC1: some still like this game … a good change from 2 if you get tired.

Alpha3: Don’t kno if this is the best port but if you don’t got it …

Kof DM98: same as above.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: good game, seems hella broken but good game nonetheless.

VirtuaOn OT: Not sure if this is a fighting game but … damn you better get this!

PsychicForce 2012: This is basically a hit or miss game. You’ll either love it or hate it, but I can tell you in terms of game play there’s nothing else like it. If your not gonna import the collection (supposedly coming out in Japan on the 29th) you might as well pick this up, should be cheap anyways.

Project Justice FTW


CvS 2 Looks Better on DC than ps2/gc/Xbox, Imo…

A3: Is this actually good? I’ve had mixed feeling towards it. Some people say it’s good, some say it’s not. I never played it myself though. I have the PSX version of it, is it better then that?

Kof DM98: Do you mean Dreamatch 1999? The one with that anime intro? Isn’t it just a re-make of 99? I never really read into it, but how good is this really? I love KOF(98 being my second favorite)so this would be a “must buy” for me if it’s a good port/remake/whatever.

And VOOT: What’s the final verdict? Is it or is it NOT playble without the twin sticks? I read the other topic floating around, and a lot of people said it’s not, while others said it was, so I’m real confused.

I added MvC2, CvS2, LB2, and PS2 to my list. Thanks for all the replies so far.

forget MvC2 for ps2 crappy version ever get the dreamcast one

bleemcast Tekken 3 :rofl:

nah, seriously:
CvS1 is still good if you’re a completist, also:
Kikaioh / Tech Romancer
Fighting Vipers 2 owns, especially if you like VF
Plasma Sword: Nightmare Of Bilstein
SSFIIX for matching service
Vampire Chronicle

This cought my eye. VF is my favorite series, but I never once played a FV game. How is it similar to VF?

Dream Match 99 was just a rename so that people wouldn’t feel gipped when they bought the game (buying a dated game?) some stupid reasoning like that. It’s actually 98.

It was a good port for its time, with redone 3D stages and the arranged music, but the music restarted every time a match started. Also, some people complain about a speed difference, but I guess that’s up to you if you notice it.

SNK managed to figure out how to keep the music going after each round in 99 and made really amazing 3D backgrounds in that, but I wish the music not skipping happened in 98 instead.

It plays like a faster paced, and much crazier VF. Juggles, flash-counter moves, tech filps in the air, wall jumps, shit like that.

FV 2 looks reallllllly nice on the DC, too.

My DC list would look like this:

Street Fighter 3: Double Impact
Virtua Fighter 3
Fighting Vipers 2
Virtual On 2
Soul Calibur

Capcom Vs. SNK Pro
Tech Romancer

Project Justice
Uh…i’m done?
Guilty Gear X looks better than X2.

vampire chronicles is pretty good along with last blade 2 and garou. out of my complete collection of DC fighting games i’d say those get the most play by me.

Not too sure if A3 for dreamcast is the most legit port, hopefully someone can answer this.

Sorry yea, Dreamatch 99 which like someone mentioned earlier is just actually a rehash of 98 with a graphics upgrade. Still a great buy but it is annoying how the music restarts each round. I’d still reccomend it if your a Kof fan.

VOOT even without the twin sticks is a great game. I’d say it’s very playable on pad granted you can’t do all the advanced stuff I’d still recommend the game in a heart beat, it’s that good imo. I actually never knew about all that advanced canceling jazz until recently, so unless your trying to get serious about the game I wouldn’t worry.

Also as others mentioned, I second the following:
Vampire Chronicles
SF3 bundle (next gen/double impact)
Kikaioh (Tech Romancer)

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Street Figther 3: 3rd Strike/Double Impact
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Capcom vs. SNK 2

alpha 3 on the dreamcast is great but its not arcade perfect …theres lots of diferences but the biggest is the V combos are toned down and the activation has no invincibility frames like the CPS2 arcade version…theres a naomi alpha 3 upper version that is exactly like the dc version…so i guess it is arcade perfect in a way

but if u dont play alpha 3 in the arcade hardcore…the dreamcast version is prolly better (balence tweaks and new characters, but balence tweaks even if they improve the game they leave it not arcade perfect:) )

if u play alpha 3 hardcore then the jpn saturn version is the one to get aparently

ive heard the psx version is trash…

Agreed… But MotF really is a great great game. Last blade 2 isnt too bad either.

They don’t have any A3 machines on the place I visit, so this actually sounds like a positive to me, since all I’m going to be playing is the home version of the game anyways. As for DM1999, it sounds pretty good since I don’t own any home versions of that. Gameplay any better/worst/different the the original MVS?

And is there any reason why the dc version of MvC2 is the best? I only played the arcade version, never a home port.

My list, as gathered from this thread, so far is: MvC2, CvS2, VOOT, LB2, PS2, and DM1999. I’m a little on the gate about the SF3 title, Jojo’s, and FV2. Anything else?

Thanks again all.

SF3: 2nd Impact should be a must because it’s the only available console ports of the two games, and they were ported pretty much arcade perfect(gameplay wise, at least). It’s fun to go back and see how the SF3 character staples have changed through the series.