Best fighting game for beginners?


I apologize if this is the wrong thread for this, but I couldn’t find anywhere better. I am considering trying to get into more serious fighting games (only really ever played SSB before) and I was wondering which of the myriad of games out there was the friendliest to beginners, both in terms of player attitude and game controls.

Thank you for your time!


SF4 was my first fighting game, but in retrospect HDR is better for learning basics.


Thank you for the answer! However, it has created an additional question. What is HDR? I tried googling it, but got a bunch of results for “High Dynamic Range”.


SSF4 would be the best one. Execution is easier and there is dashing. SF4 and SSF4 are intended to be “easier to get into”

If anyone disagrees they’re wrong. Unless of course they say Bushido Blade

HDR is HD Remix. It’s a better looking and somewhat changed version of SF2: Super Turbo




Alright, thank you for your answers! I see that SSF4 comes out on the 27th, so I’ll rent SF4 while I wait to start practicing.


They are talking about SSFII Turbo HD Remix, often called HDR.

SSFIV, and Blazblue, both are slow, with easy as shit inputs.

SSFIV is probably going to be more frustrating at first though, because it takes some time to get past the, YOUR JUST SPAMMING (Insert move) stage of learning. Though it goes alot faster if you actually play good players rather than just online.


I was a child when i played SF2 and MK. They could also try Pit Fighter, though I didn;t like it that much (it looked ugly). You can also go with Tekken or Smash Bros. all of these I was able to play as a beginner.


SF4 teaches you do DP in a wrong motion and to use it more then you should.
That’s my experience with newbies learning the game.


I dunno if the shortcut is really wrong anymore, unless you want to play HDR


Unless you want to do a DP in any other fighting game.
In SF4 you must get used to doing it from crouch or it will lose to jump-ins like Sagat’s Elbow.
You and I can adapt w/o affecting us in other games but a newbie will just get bad habits from it.


Yeah, I’ve seen it first hand (people doing the short cut in other games with no idea why their shoryu isn’t coming out :rofl:).

I just assume anybody new is probably heading down the path of SF4 only, which seems to be the case 95% of the time. It is inevitable…


lolz pretty much.

You ever seen a guy in a block string trying to mash out a DP in HDR? Pure gold “WTF I should have DP’d you!!!”.


You can Add me on Live and we can play some matches… i need some practice… i just started seriously getting into SF4 like 3 weeks ago. When I play online i lose ALOT to either VERY GOOD players with crazy execution skills or someone being real cheap… My wins suck lol ( I post some matches there lol you’ll laugh at me prolly.)

P.S. - or I lose cause MY EXECUTION sucks and the move i wanted to do doesn’t come out and i get punished BAD! lol


Hi. Small world.

I had the priveledge of getting a few matches in against you Cool3stNERD in SF4. No biggie dude. Honestly SF4 is a good game for beginners. Perhaps the reason some (including me somtimes) may be having a hard time in SF4 online is because evryone is hyped for Super. When I started SF4 is wasn’t all that great. It just takes time. Just keep @ it man.


I strictly play 3S now, but SFIV/SSFIV seem very easy to pick up. Blazblue is far harder to pick up than SFIV since it is so slow and you can get practcie in ev en agaisnt opponents.

So while I think SFIV would be the EASIEST fighting game to get into, I would not necessarily say it’s the RIGHT fighting game to get into. It will teach you more bad habits, shortcuts, and tons of spamming the same moves and techniques over and over. It’s easy, but not GOOD easy to help you with fighting games in general. It will just teach you bad habits and actually make you WORSE at fighting games.

Try starting with the Alpha series- Alpha 2 and 3 can teach you some basic stuff and even some good execution and footsies. The alpha games are faster, goofier and have al ot of fun stuff. so you can have fun while learning. Then move up to SFII, after you start kicking some arse at that then I would say take it to the advanced step and learn 3S. I wouls skip SFIV/SSFIV all together.


SSFIV/SFIV are in many ways open to beginners, but I hardly think they’re ideal…though their popularity can be helpful as well, for finding local players as much as anything.

However, their dependence on links (effectively precisely-timed combos, since the thread-starter is new to fighters) makes them less friendly my my opinion.


SFIV is the easiest fighting game to get into for beginners due to shortcuts (which can be looked on as a good thing and bad thing). I think it’s a great game to understand the importance of spacing and how much being in the corner is bad, though this is coming from a Dhalsim player.

However, when you get into other fighting games, inputs will be much stricter and creating openings will be much harder since most other games actually do allow air guarding, yet alone starting a combo off of those openings. You will have more knowledge on what can be good and bad, but you will most likely have a harder time pulling off combo’s and finding an opening where you can apply them as they are mostly fast paced (Guilty Gear for example).


Wait what, both Blazblue and SFIV are really damn slow games, and slow speed would help a beginner not hurt. Im confused by “and you can get practice in even against oppenents”…what does that mean?

Also I agree with the game being so dependent on links, which every beginner I have met really really struggles with at first, kinda hurts.


I think TvC would be pretty newbie-friendly, combos are not hard, and timing are not as strict as sf4 / 3rdstrike…