Best fighting game for online play


Been away for a while…been living life and making babies etc…anyways tryin to get back into the fighting community and stuff…there are so many fighting games out i havent played…last one i was into was GGAC lol…anyways out of the list imma give which ones are the best for online play…i play on ps3


I wanna get back into one of those games if not 2…dont have infinite money to buy them all or time to try to get pro in all either…im interested in all but im not gonna be able to get together with community all the time figured online would keep me interested in the game and gain some skill if lag isnt a major issue. thanks for any input


bb has the best connection and most heads that play it are online.


Why don’t you rent them 1 at a time. Play those games for your own experience to see what you like


Top tier ATM is AE, BB and SCV. Anything else has its share of complains and may or may not be bearable depending on how good your connection is. UMvC3 is alright but you have to tolerate the lag. SFxT’s online is glitchy and many have been complaining about it. KOFXIII’s online community is near dead.


I’d say get gamefly. you can just rent the games you wanna try.and if you really like em you can buy them for cheaper.


UMVC3 is pretty good. There can be lag, but 90% of the time i have no complaints. Worth it for me since i’ve almost no one to play against offline, so online play is how i get experienced & better.

Don’t know about the others though.


I hope you guys that mentioned BB are talking about CT. For some reason, CS, CS2, and CSEX feel worse compared to CT. :shake:


Based on stuff I’ve had experience on online.

S tier
-anything on the GGPO client on PC

A+ tier (aka we’re on rollback netcode but we still have some bugs)

A tier (non rollback, but still decent)

B tier

I haven’t played enough console KoFXIII so judge.


SKULLGIRLS! It’s coming out real soon!


KOF XIII online sucks
the best online experience for fighting games is 3S:OE with a proper set up that is.


KOF 13 online is ok, when you play against selected players.
When you see a 4bar connection, at these persons to your friend list, after a view days, you should have a lot of people to play with and much fun online (Playing on XBL, wired connection).


Apparently the original VF5 has reeeeaaally good netcode.

VF5:FS is slated to come out this summer. Hopefully a lot of people hop on board!


MvC2. when the ping is at a tolerable digit, it runs smooth


Immaterial and missing power has the best netplay of any fighting game ever made.


how is umvc3 online? i really want to get into that game.


Horrible for the most part but you can get some solid connections, especially if you got a good connection.



CT was good.
CS1 was pure ass
CS2 and CSEX feel more like CT did IMO


NGBC for me.

Too bad nobody played that game.