Best Fighting game Intro, Select screen or Stage theme


Hello people just wanted to do a thread for your personal favorite intro in fighting game.

First i do apologize if this thread as been made in the past.

So guys whats your favorite intro?

Why are they your favorite? is it the music? the visual ? Both? or is it just nostalgia?

Be specific on why you like that intro in particular.

Pesonaly i enjoy the sfxtk intro cause of the music (really get’s me hype) and the visual too i think this

intro was well done.



Yeah, this line is going to get this thread blown up.


lol it as nothing to do with the game it self just the intro keep that in mind guys, the intro not the game.


Okay…than maybe this should be moved to the video forum?

Capcom vs. SNK



Street Fighter Alpha 2



Tekken 3




That Theme song!!!



3rd Strike Y’all it’s Street Fighter III


Tekken 3 for sentimental reasons.


but Tekken 5 is probably the best overall. Especially since they literally left off right after Jin’s T4 ending.



Ya’ll fools is crazy. Tekken 2 all the way!

Awesome Opening 1



Though, I will give special mention to Soul Blade. That shit was hot.

Awesome Opening 2




I’ve always liked the original Tekken Tag Tournament’s the best. Partly because of nostalgia, and partly because of the cool visuals, but mostly because the music is absolutely fucking godlike.



This song is hard to beat ive got to admit


The hype behind this IMO was above everything else in that year, even if the actual game wasnt top notch:


EDIT: O shit already posted, sorry!

EDIT 2: Im the only one that love this underapreciated but overhyped game (PC version sorry):



Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (arcade intro)
King vs Jaycee…:smiley:



let’s hype up this thread up a bit



If it wasn’t for the horrible amount of Ads i would have thought that we were on gamefaqs :coffee:


Sure is a lack of Marvel vs SF in here.





Best PS1 character theme




I beg to differ.

Better PS1 character theme